We have come to the Wang Han is the king of flowers – Zhang Jike Sheenah routine entertainment Sohu-boee

"We have come to the" Wang Han is the king of flowers – Zhang Jike Sheenah routine Sohu   entertainment; Sheenah flowers Zhang Jike Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "to" we will come to Yunnan this Friday in Tengchong. All the guests came to known as bears as "beauty of Tengchong", "flower feast" is also essential delicacy experience. All the guests gathered together to set off a war again". Wang Han borrowed the "flower" kicker Sheenah again into the sets in Tengchong flowers feast on all the guests talk about their income to spend experience, guests in this picturesque flowers to share their romantic stories and their favorite flowers, now comes Wang Han will spearhead point to Sheenah, asked "if Sheenah called you the flowers, you will give who?" Then add "during the Olympic Games", attracted the crowd echoed. Sheenah calm praise Zhang Jike play is the best." Xi Mengyao is "not too big thing," God added, "Sheenah is the goddess of the goddess of the earth." "" "" "!" Ka-ling sister after listening to a "oh!" Said seconds to understand, Sheenah panic response explained, he just said I like this character!" Wang Han again after the "routine" Sheenah, and asked if the concert of the concert and the peak of the duel at the same time, at the same time, will choose to see which one of the, and then again, "", and then again What will Sheenah do? Wang Han "poke" Xie Naxin Wang Han Yuan Hong "express" Sheenah Sheenah in "the flowers feast" by Wang Han brought about Zhang Jike’s "routine", "see" the face of all the guests Sheenah "panic" explains the details. Sheenah said to all the guests that Zhang Jike was asked about what type of girl he was asked by a certain program, and Zhang Jike replied that he liked the type of girl who liked the character of this kind of girl by the name of the girl, who was a girl of. Wang Han joked that your parents know? Sheenah finished saying that Wang Han "stabbed" her heart, and she got up and said, "I’m very fond of you," said Sheenah. "I like you very much," said Wang Han." Sheenah moved to Wang Han, a cup to drink "". Then Yuan Hong and Wang Han staged a drama on Sheenah "fancy confession". Tengchong "flowers" pit, Sheenah is how to "skip"? Wang Han and how to perfect interpretation of the "love to kill" with Sheenah? Please continue to lock Hunan TV this Friday 20:20 "we are coming" Tengchong trip!相关的主题文章: