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[WB]09 on the auspicious square SMG football the same odds: Iceland home court Ping Abstract: the company’s anti odds odds combination is not inexhaustible, a specific interval, the odds of the same structure will be repeated, the different structure of the combined odds play their what effect, in the same odds of history, can often find some breakthrough. Iceland vs match time: October 10th 02:45 Iceland, now ranked twenty-seventh in the world, ranked seventeenth in europe. During the European Cup, the team team drew seventh Portugal and twentieth Hungary, beating twenty-sixth Austria. The knockout Cup won twelfth England, but the final of 14 was defeated by eighth in France at 2-5. The preliminaries, Iceland opener twenty-ninth Ukraine, second battle 3-2 wins eighty-fourth Finland. Turkey is currently ranked twenty-first in the world, the European Cup group team has lost fourteenth Croatia and eleventh Spain, the end of the war 2-0 defeated thirty-third Czech, unfortunately has been useless. In the preliminaries, the team was flat in Croatia, and shook hands with Ukraine at home. The initial odds are 2.60 3.30 2.75, with the history of lost and found probability is 36%, a probability of 29%, win probability is 35%, the data show that both the same. In terms of fundamentals, the two teams had 2 records, both of which won at home. From the trend, Iceland team nearly 7 home 5 wins and 2 draws, including 14-15 years of European preliminaries beat Turkey, Holland and Czech. Turkey nearly 10 away 6 wins, 3 draws, 1 losses, only in the warm-up match 1-2 lost to England. In terms of handicap, Iceland wins the game in a row, and Turkey is better. Iceland’s recent record is very good, which has raised the expectation of the outside world, but has underestimated Turkey’s road fighting capability. Considering the two sides preferred to shake hands, the second election victory in Iceland. This article is exclusively provided by "Jixiang Fang"

[WB吉祥坊]09日竞彩足球相同赔率:冰岛主场防平   摘要:赔率公司的赔率组合并非无穷无尽的,特定区间内,相同的赔率结构会重复出现,这些不同结构的赔率组合各自发挥着什么效果,纵观相同赔率的历史表现,往往可以找到一些突破口。   冰岛 vs 土耳其   比赛时间:10月10日 02:45   冰岛如今世界排名第27位,欧洲排名第17。欧洲杯期间球队小组赛战平第7葡萄牙和第20匈牙利,击败第26奥地利。淘汰赛首战爆冷胜第12英格兰,不过1 4决赛2-5败在了第8法国脚下。本次世预赛,冰岛首战客平第29乌克兰,次战3-2胜第84芬兰。土耳其目前世界排名第21位,欧洲杯小组赛球队先后不敌第14克罗地亚和第11西班牙,末战2-0击败第33捷克可惜已经无济于事。本次世预赛,球队客平克罗地亚,主场又与乌克兰握手言和。   本场初始赔率是2.60 3.30 2.75,历史同赔当中,主胜概率为36%,平局概率为29%,客胜概率为35%,数据显示双方难分伯仲。结合基本面来看,两队有过2次交手记录,双方都在各自主场取胜。   从走势看冰岛队近7个主场5胜2平,包括14-15年的欧预赛中击败土耳其、荷兰以及捷克。土耳其近10个客场6胜3平1负,仅在热身赛中1-2负于英格兰。盘口方面,冰岛连续赢盘状态正佳,土耳其稍逊。冰岛近期战绩不俗,提升了外界对其期望,反而轻视了土耳其的客场战力。综合考虑本场首选双方握手言和,次选冰岛取胜。   本文由[吉祥坊]独家提供相关的主题文章: