Video Marketing For The Camera Shy Or When You Cannot Think What The Heck To

UnCategorized Video marketing for the camera shy is a common problem especially if you are a video marketing newbie whose entire experience of being on camera amounts to some holiday video footage that you would rather not share with the world. Being camera shy is perfectly understandable and most video marketers will admit that their first efforts were dire too. Whether or not you are camera shy when it comes to video marketing for your business you should persevere with other types of video marketing until you feel confident enough to step out in front of the camera yourself. Some of the most watched videos you create will be the How To style videos as you share with others what you learn along the way. Another feeling you may have that manifests itself as being camera shy is when you are trying to convey a message in your video but it just is not coming across quite as well as you intended. In most cases when this happens it may be best to seek alternatives to putting yourself in front of the camera and start getting creative with slide show presentations and screen capture type videos instead. Video marketing for the camera shy can always be overcome with time and experience and you will find that once you are able to relax and be yourself on camera instead of trying to be someone else you will have reached a breakthrough in your video marketing that will make a difference in everything you do. Confidence comes from knowledge and once you start to navigate your way around all the tools and equipment in less than an hour a day you will find it easy to start brainstorming all sorts of ways in which you can incorporate video marketing into your business. The easiest way to start your video marketing if you are camera shy is to use something like Windows Movie Maker in storyboard mode. To switch to storyboard mode you simply use the drop down menu where it says timeline at the bottom left hand side of the screen and you will see that instead of a continuous line you now have individual film sections. You simply upload photos or images from your computer by using the import media option and then drag and drop the photos or images into the storyboard film sections. One of the best features of using the storyboard function is that in between the individual screen sections you can use transitions to jazz up your video. Transitions are visual effects that you simply drag and drop from the Windows Movie Maker selection to create effects between your images that will help your video look more professional. Obviously one of the best video marketing tips for the camera shy at this stage would be to experiment with recording an MP3 audio track to be the voice over for your video. Most computers have a built in sound recorder which automatically produces a recording from a microphone or headset into an MP3 recording. To add the audio track or royalty free music if you prefer simply upload the MP3 audio track in the same way as your photos or images and then switch back to the Timeline option where you can simply drag and drop your audio track into the relevant section of your timeline. To finish your video simply opt to produce as a video and Windows Movie Maker will do the rest. About the Author: When Urgent Care Clinics Are Preferred Over The Er By: Shirley B. Dudley – There are times when an urgent care clinic is preferred over the emergency room. Tags: Importance Of A Primary Care Physician By: Helen Phillips Cockrell – Primary care physicians play a needed role in health care. Find one in Germantown, MD. Tags: Advantages Of Subscription Medicine By: Shirley G. Dudley – A subscription membership practice means better medicine. Find one in Matthews, NC. 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