Van hit the bridge parapet at the driver disappear without a trace (Figure) (video)-yuanmu

Van hit the bridge parapet at the driver (Figure) crashed out of the van disappear without a trace of protective wall in October 23rd at 4 pm, Mr. Hu was driving to the cemetery near the street near the bridge, found a white van parked askew, severely damaged the front. This is just an accident! Mr. Hu immediately parked next to check the situation. He found that there is blood in the cab van, but the driver already disappear without a trace. As can be seen from the rut, the van before the accident is traveling from east to west, first hit on the north side of the wall, then turn to the right side of the wall to. At the front of the van was badly damaged, we can clearly see the front part of the internal components are seriously damaged; the front bumper and body out, hanging on the right side of the fence, crumbling; the left front wheel off, serious deformation. The car cab can see some visible blood, the driver was injured in the accident, but the driver at the scene did not disappear without a trace. Van almost horizontal on the road, with the same direction of the three lane blocking the two row, fortunately, after passing through the morning less vehicles, the accident did not cause other traffic impact. Passers guess, the driver may be drunk driving or fatigue driving. "This time, there is no way what car, should be no attention when driving a hearse to the next shock suddenly hit in the past. The driver is also expected to go to the nearby hospital." Until 5 am, when the driver has not returned to the scene. The police came to the scene investigation, and called the wrecker damaged vehicles. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: