Uphold the honorary title of the martyrs Qiu Shaoyun brother win the lawsuit-hyuna

To maintain the reputation of Qiu Shaoyun martyr’s brother to win Daxing District Beijing people’s court case in 20 days – the new network of martyr Qiu Shaoyun’s younger brother Qiu Shaohua Su Sunjie, jiaduobao (China) case of general personality right disputes Beverage Co. Ltd. the first instance open verdict, three days after the public announcement issued an apology from ruling two defendants the effective date of the decision, an apology apologize to the plaintiff Qiu Shaohua, to eliminate the impact of the announcement shall be published continuously for five days; the two defendants jointly and severally compensate the plaintiff Qiu Shaohua the spirit of solatium 1 yuan, to perform within three days after the entry into force of the judgment. It is understood that in June 30, 2015, Qiu Shaohua to the Daxing court, ordered the two defendants to immediately stop the infringement, eliminating the effects of apology, and the plaintiff compensation for mental damages 1 yuan. Daxing Court on July 15, 2016 public hearing of the case. The court found that in May 22, 2013, Sun Jie in Sina micro-blog by name as "homework" account posting said: "since Qiu Shaoyun lying in the fire still refused to pay for the semi final patrons are familiar, they said they still rely on good barbecue ning." JDB company in April 16, 2015 to the company Sina micro-blog account "jiaduobao" Bowen said: "thank you @ congratulations on your homework, and barbecue together. As a tea, we behind you become a barbecue shop CEO, one hundred thousand cans, it ^ – ^ No. thanks action "and equipped with a consistent picture and text. The court held that Qiu Shaoyun had shown martyrs in the battle for justice, patriotic spirit of the people, with extensive moral identity in contemporary Chinese society, is a valuable spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, but also the basis of noble Qiu Shaoyun enjoys the fame and honors. China’s law stipulates that citizens enjoy the right of reputation, the right to honor, prohibit the use of insults, slander and other means of damage to citizens’ reputation, honor and other civil rights and interests. The citizen’s name, portrait, reputation or honor is infringed, the parties have the right to request the infringer to stop the infringement, rehabilitation, eliminating the effects of apology and compensation for losses. The court held that Sun Jie’s remarks of Qiu Shaoyun martyr’s personality and derogatory insult, intentional tort, and the comments by the public network platform has spread rapidly, causing serious social impact, damage to public ethnic and historical feelings, at the expense of the public interest, but also to bring Qiu Shaoyun the relatives of martyrs mental harm. The company’s interactive speech and jiaduobao quickly spread in the network platform, by the majority of users condemned a bad influence, Qiu Shaoyun again to the martyrs of the families of the moral damage caused. In addition, JDB company as a well-known beverage manufacturers, has a certain social influence, in the sales of "gold" to celebrate the elaborate "thank you" entirely to the duty of reasonable care, there is a subjective fault, should be negative on the speech of the influence and the fact of infringement, bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Accordingly, the court made the first instance verdict. According to Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章: