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Careers-Employment Campus and Background With an area of 120 acres the university hosts a number of clubs and student’s .anizations. Especially the Rhythm n Blue Ash concert series is the highlight of the campus located at 9555 Plainfield Rd Blue Ash , OH 45236-1096 . Nearly 4,500 students are enrolled including 3,200 regular students. Usually the student faculty ratio is 20:1. Established in 1819 it is one of the oldest institutions in United States . Class Scheduling Options More than 75% of the students work full time and so the university offers a wide array of class scheduling options including the options for distance learning, evening, and Sunday classes. A student can begin at the beginning of any quarter without waiting for the season to start. Programs Offered University of Cincinnati , Raymond Walters College offers a wide variety of associate degrees, technical baccalaureate programs; career oriented programs as well as certificate programs covering a diverse study area. Associate degrees, 1-2 years certificates, bachelor’s degrees, one year certificates, and post baccalaureate certificates are available in the university. The college offers over 60 associate degrees and certificate programs. Main programs include dental hygiene, emergency medical services, medical assisting services, automotive technologies and many others. Career programs in business management and administrative information are also provided. Transfer oriented programs include pre-law, pre-medicine, pre-chemistry, and liberal arts. Unique Features Extensive programs in science, laboratory technician, media management, and business management with affordable student fees is the highlight of the university. Admission The university is enlisted in university directory as one of those universities that offer open admission accepting all qualified candidates. Dual credits and advanced placements are accepted as admission credits by the university. Student Services University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters College offers remedial services, academic and career counseling, PT cost defraying employment, career placement, on campus day care, and library facilities for the students. Also faculty tenures system, on campus library, facilities of distant education, weekend study options, and part time classes are available here. Financial Aid University of Cincinnati; Raymond Walters College participates in US Title IV financial assistance programs. Students can avail the benefits of federal, State, local, and institutional grant aids and students loans the details of which is available on the state university website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: