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Team-Building When you need to register your domain name with multiple domains at once, the best option is to do a bulk domain registration. This can be done on multiple domains with different Top Level Domain Names (TLD’s like .com, .org, .net, .info) at once. However, a common question to ask is why would anyone want to bulk register so many domain names at once? There are quite a few reasons why bulk domain registration is preferred sometimes. The main reasons, however, are convenience and cost. When domain names are registered individually, you would be providing the same information again and again, which becomes a time consuming process. Also, you would miss out on any bulk domain registration discounts being offered by your registrar. Providing all domain names at once, then selecting the TLDs and search for domain name availability and then entering your registration details once, saves a large amount of effort and time. Also, the discounts provided on bulk domain registration helps you save a lot of money too. This makes bulk domain registration the most viable option when you have multiple domains to register. Protects Brand & Saves Time & Money Bulk domain registration also helps you in preventing other fraudulent or copycat websites to take advantage of your domain name and tarnish your brand image. When you bulk register multiple domain TLD’s as described above for your company, you gain full control over the domain. Having domain name registered under multiple TLDs as bulk avoids costly potential ownership or trademark problems if someone else later tried to use one of those domains. Also, when you bulk register your domain names you may consider bulk domain registration of all of the typos or misspellings of your domain name too. Bulk registering such domains allows you to redirect such traffic to your main website while preventing any duplicates or fraudulent websites to prosper on your domain name by using such typos to redirect traffic to their own websites. This is how bulk domain registration works. Take an example of a dummy website as: ‘.MYDOMAINS.COM. Now register domains in the following TLDs: .MYDOMAINS.COM .MYDOMAIN.COM .MYDOMAIN.NET .MYDOMAIN.ORG .MYDOMAIN.INFO Try typing the domain names below into your browser. Where do you end up? They will all lead to the main website! This is how much effective bulk domain name registration can be. In future, if you need to display different products or services on different websites, bulk domain registration gives you the flexibility well in advance. Using bulk domains, you can setup different email addresses for different purposes on different domains and streamline your businesses accordingly. Finding a good and reliable domain registration .pany is equally important to make sure your online business happens safely and successfully. Having a reputed .pany to do your domain registration has many benefits. When you do bulk domain registration at Ballistic Domains it makes domain management easier too, as you can manage them all from one easy to use control panel. You can bulk register up to 500 domain names at a time with Ballistic Domains, and it is a straight forward automatic process About the Author: 相关的主题文章: