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Uncovering new energy vehicles not cheat up inside: production vehicle virtual pass certificate after the card — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: exposing Insider: new energy vehicles cheat up production vehicles pass on the card without false certificate before, the Ministry of Finance informed by the special inspection found five new energy vehicles cheat up a typical case. Insiders pointed out that China’s new energy vehicles in the rapid development of the inevitable emergence of growing pains". As for the expenses, the individual enterprise policy "edge ball", false upload certificate, part of the vehicle production is not on the card, and then apply for subsidies; part of the automobile companies wholly owned shares or car rental company, through the "homegrown", won the national and local subsidies. It is worth noting that some of the basic operation of the vehicle is not idle. For example, a prefecture level city in the southern part of the private sector, by the end of 2015 to purchase 100 pure electric buses, 6 meters, and the actual demand is only about 50, only half a day for each bus running, when the use of a car. Virtual pass 1000 certificates of fraud over $100 million for fraud fill problem, in January of this year, the Ministry of industry and the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance to Jiangsu special verification. This year the end of March to early April, the general office of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and other departments composed of 5 inspection teams to 15 provinces and cities in Hebei conducted a field inspection. Chinese Automotive Technology Research Center Director of the new energy automotive and fiscal policy research office, Liu Bin has participated in the Ministry led the verification and inspection office. Liu Bin told the "Legal Daily" reporters, part of the enterprise through false vehicle certificate, false output, or even a licence, apply for subsidies, in the process does not comply with the relevant provisions of the state, did not belong to the production of vehicles to the country to apply for registration, apply for financial subsidies. Such as Suzhou GMC vehicle sales (Registration) is greater than the production volume, production is not on the card and apply for subsidies; Southern China area companies more than and 100 registered vehicle production line has not yet been completed. According to a rough estimate, the month of December GMC submitted 2905 certificate calculation, if 13 false upload, 1000 false certificate to apply for subsidies amount to more than billion. According to Liu Bin introduction, false upload certificate, deliberately cheat fill approach may follow the following three steps: first, the manufacturer false upload vehicle certification. Two is the end-user material fraud. Such as the purchase of GMC vehicle 5 operating leasing companies reporting material serious discrepancies with the actual number of vehicles, the 5 companies have 209 new energy vehicles, but actually only 20 vehicles, other vehicles are on the GMC production. Three manufacturers and associated customers to develop a purchase contract, to the relevant customer delivery of a small number of vehicles, and the government to apply for a license, vehicle license and purchase subsidies. Battery disassembly after repeated use for subsidies to the reporter noted, by the China automotive technology and research center and the Social Sciences Academic Press and other departments have jointly issued the 2016 "new energy automobile blue book" shows that part of the product application models and "road motor vehicle production enterprises and product announcement" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") inconsistent parameter part of the enterprise, product performance deficiency)相关的主题文章: