Ultra short hair super cute with two hi Mao Xiaotong Meng meng! (video)-candle june

Ultra short hair super cute with two hi Mao Xiaotong Meng meng! Meng Meng sell the first recruit, short hair outside! The tail sticking out the playful sense and spirit movement is any other hair are not a substitute for Da ~ honey brown hair color collocation, the people are Meng Meng Da ~ Mao Xiaotong hot fashion circle powder machine mad upheaval carefully fine-tuning unexpectedly beauty Zheng Shuang! The formal elegant oblique bangs hair, suitable for formal occasions. However, even in formal occasions, can also reflect the adorable sense in the small details at the ~ temples outside the Alice small hair super cute! The dog with uneven bangs a natural sense of stay outside the Alice adorable, the tail is the icing on the cake to us two adorable sense of joy is adorable, not to stay! Sell adorable second strokes, eyebrow bangs! Qi Liuhai was on the heavy eyebrow bangs short ~ brow to resolve Liu Haiyue short more adorable, more homogeneous Yuemeng! However, the hair must be two and joy of being his only adorable Oh ~ disobedient brow neat bangs better oh! His brow neat bang, the outermost slightly tilted, like sleep more did not pressed down, from the inside and outside with a sense of part of the brow ~ adorable bangs forehead and at the long bangs collocation is also a good choice to air full of eyebrow bangs collision cool Chang Liu sea and take out a wonderful sense of good yo ~ cute adorable miss kiss! Sell adorable third, curly bangs! Sherlock Liu Haichao cute! Whether Jumbo small volumes are great! Thin small rolls of bangs playful and lively, collocation also lively color, awesome! Gloss weaker than the fluffy hair, stressed sofa girl who can easily to learn Oh ~ a separate volume bangs look very ~ of course attitude! Also very sprouting! Roll up the air bangs, although because of a few hours with neat look, but a great lady grace Oh ~ good girl obediently! Sell Meng fourth strokes, a clear sense of hierarchy! Don’t want curly hair? Straight hair can also be adorable up ~ as long as the sense of hierarchy is great enough hair fluffy, can cut hair dull and short hair handsome feeling ~ slightly more handsome but will sometimes give a not deliberately adorable! Curly hair tail air bangs, rolled up direction is different, there is a messy beauty ~ big eyes blink, juesha! Straight and fluffy long bangs layering is very obvious, a small gap for eyebrows to break the heaviness of long bangs may bring, bang bang da! Look at the fluffy degree! It is and Gao Junxi with short hair, bangs because of the hierarchy and the tail light, handsome and a cute ~ strong sense of hierarchy is difficult to take care of the bangs? The other part of the hierarchy must pay attention to Oh ~ clever collocation can make you happy and two as Meng Meng da! The same is short and straight to head out of a sense of hierarchy Diudiu hair looks more handsome and cute ~ capricious random ~相关的主题文章: