U.S. media India don’t blindly blame the Chinese look short-sighted 7470d

U.S. media: India don’t blindly blame the Chinese look short-sighted map: India air force C-17 transport aircraft (in) and two Su -30MKI fighter international NSG plenary session of 11 days in the capital of Austria held in Vienna. China’s attitude towards membership in India has attracted international attention and speculation. Previously, India will not be able to join the organization criticized china. U.S. media commented that the article 8, India blindly accused the world will only leave emotional and lack of strategic negative impression. U.S. News website The wire reported on 8, the government of India and the country’s many analysts of the Chinese accused is not "sincere", public opinion in India will China as to hinder their lofty dreams of "chasing the only barrier". In fact, including New Zealand and other Nuclear Suppliers Group members are not qualified to join the attitude of India. Reported that India’s hostile attitude towards China, whether official or private, have been too far away and too long". This attitude has led to the absurd, such as India "boycott Chinese goods" slogan. The article said that the great powers of political ambition should know how to coexist with other powerful countries, the mode of communication between them must be "multi line". While in India to deal with the relationship with China is excessive care, often seize a field is not put, it will send a single negative information – chasing the interests of India to the world, the lack of strategic vision, neither is pragmatic and emotional. "The wire" analysis of the article, compared with the same criticism of China, India is better to do the work of other Member States, so that the United States to participate more in this game. More importantly, India needs to try to get the support of China, the latter feel that India is a "good" thing, the two countries need to improve the status of continuing discord. India is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and in accordance with the relevant provisions, it can not join the Nuclear Suppliers group. In June this year, the Ministry of foreign affairs China response to "China and other countries opposed India joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group" saying, "Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is the international non-proliferation system of political and legal basis, applicable to all" non NPT states ", and not for a non party state.相关的主题文章: