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U.S. media: if the company accounts is real trump his wife had illegally, according to Xinhua news agency, The Associated Press – Sohu News reported on 4, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife Rania? Mei Trump suspected did not get in? Work visa before the illegal pick up the 10 models, a total of more than $2 to earn. If true, that means not only may have Rania violate the law, that she had lied to the public. The Trump campaign has not responded. May Rania was born in Slovenia in 1970. According to her by lawyer Michael? Wilding’s press release, she held short-term business visa to come to the United States in August 27, 1996, the year in October 18th to get a work visa. The Associated Press to get the contract signed by the company’s accounting firms, contracts and other documents. 20 years ago the paper has yellowed, but still well preserved. The accounts show, from September 10, 1996 to October 15 during the day, Mei Rania completed 10 models, a total of $20056, including working fitness magazines and luxury stores etc.. If you like May Rania, she won the October 18th work visa, then these accounts mean that she "played illegally". The Associated Press said, according to the laws of the United States, Mei Rania can find work in a holding period of short-term business visas, but not engaged in paid job. Even if that is the case, is unlikely to have impact on the United States Citizenship Mei Rania now. The Associated Press said that the U.S. government only in naturalized citizens deliberately conceal war crimes involving terrorism or extreme circumstances will revoke citizenship decisions. May Rania in March 2001 to obtain a green card, after 1 years of marriage with Trump became an American citizen in 2006.相关的主题文章: