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U.S. media: Chinese buyers love offensive Seattle with cash transactions core tip: Seattle Chinese real estate broker pointed out that Chinese buyers tend to all cash offer, they stimulate the area housing prices. This makes the seller happy, because cash transactions worry. But for local buyers, these Chinese buyers are strong competitors, a threat. Reference News Network reported on September 21st U.S. media said, in the new tax under pressure from Chinese real estate buyers recently from Vancouver Canada the withdrawal of the American city of Seattle, adjacent to attack. According to voice of America radio website reported on September 20th, Vancouver is the Canadian West Coast Pacific in British Columbia province (BC province) the largest city, is Canada’s third largest metropolitan area, is the largest Chinese ethnic minorities in Vancouver. After the last century 80s immigration wave from Hongkong in recent years, is buying the mainland Chinese, Vancouver area real estate speculation to local buyers can not afford to compete, cause a lot of problems. For foreign buyers additional taxes reported that, in order to reduce the pressure, BC, from the beginning of August this year, the foreigners will buy housing levy an additional 15% in Vancouver have the property transfer fee, although the government of Canada said last month, now want to sum up new tax impact is on the market, but the independence of Vancouver housing sales continued to decrease, the price of luxury is dropped. Vancouver’s housing market is cooling and the housing price in the city of Seattle, Washington, on the south side of the city, is in sharp contrast. Seattle in June this year, the price of two digit growth, the United States is the 20 largest city of the times, housing growth of 11%, while the other big cities in the average growth of only 5% in. Vancouver de Seattle rose "Vancouver sun" quoted the international real estate search website home network data show that in August this year, foreign investors in the Seattle market to ask more than the same period last year rose sharply, and the Vancouver market is the query over the same period last year fell 81%. This trend has been going on for some time. Seattle times last week, "Seattle has become the first choice for China’s housing buyers in the United States," the title. Seattle local real estate agent said recently they saw a sudden large increase of foreign property, some people intend to move to the Seattle area, but also some people just to buy some investment property, after the vacancy. Reported that the Seattle Puget Sound area prices is often the biggest incentives to attract foreign shopping home makers, although in recent years, housing prices are soaring, but the west coast of the United States or other international big city prices are still low compared to. Chinese real estate brokers in Seattle point out that Chinese buyers tend to use all of their cash to pay for the housing price increase. This makes the seller happy, because cash transactions worry. But for local buyers, these Chinese buyers are strong competitors, a threat. Based on the experience reported that some real estate brokers and sellers have opened 8相关的主题文章: