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The United States operators to suspend sales of all types of Note 7, the user can change other mobile phone sina technology – Beijing morning news on October 10th, reported last week, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 to replace many fire accidents happen again. AT& T announced at the weekend, will no longer sell or for the user to replace the new Note 7, to exchange for other mobile phone users can be replaced. AT&, a T spokesman, said: "according to the recent report, we will no longer replace the new Note 7, waiting for further investigation of these incidents. We are encouraged to go to the AT& within the scope of the recall of Note 7 users; T stores a replacement, they can be replaced by other intelligent mobile phone Samsung or other choice." The four operators in the United States have said it will allow users to return any model Note. But AT& T became the first operator to completely stop all Note 7 sales. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has said it is "taking swift action" to investigate the fire. It now appears that the full recall of all models Note 7 is likely imminent. Verizon spokesman said, Note 7 is currently out of stock, Verizon no inventory can be sold. T-Mobile also announced on Sunday that it will temporarily stop all new Note 7 sales, and stop replacing the new Note 7. Users can carry a recall within the range of Note 7, as well as the new Note 7 to T-Mobile store refunds, or choose T-Mobile other phones have goods. T-Mobile will not charge any fees. T-Mobile said, to encourage users to disable and shutdown to recall the Note 7, and its return to T-Mobile.相关的主题文章: