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Two boys first card anti-theft window of male teachers climb stairs lifts (Figure) original title: Liang Lei from outside the building, unarmed climb on the third floor, standing on the security window lifts the child ten minutes. (video screenshot) Liaocheng Qilu Evening News October 30th news (reporter Wang Shanglei) four floor window, two boys head stuck anti-theft window guardrail, the critical moment, a brave neighbor said nothing directly clambered on the third floor, lifts the boy for more than and 10 minutes for the valuable time for rescue. 27, in a residential area of Liaocheng, a teacher’s courage to move. The morning of December 27th, Liaocheng Yue Zhuang primary school garden district residents Zhang Zhenying to send children to school at home, suddenly heard a child crying upstairs, looked up to see an amazing scene, a boy was stuck in the security fence four floor window on a careful look at the child’s head stuck, children still kick cry, more disturbing is the cry of the child is very weak. Zhang Zhenying quickly stood downstairs, ready to catch the child fell, and quickly shouted to save. Hear Zhang Zhenying cry to save people living in the District of the city, Liang Lei quickly ran out, he found the child basically immobile, legs still trembling. At that time, I would like to do not want to grab the first floor security window climb up." One meter tall Bayi Liang Lei without any protection, direct climb to the third floor, he carefully standing on the security window on the third floor, stood up and put his hand to the child. At this time, Liang Leicai saw the child’s neck has a clear mark, said Liang Lei, if the child was a little bit of a child’s neck, the child may fall from the window of the security barrier in the gap. Community residents found that the child’s room where the door is locked, neighbors dialed 119, contact the parents and unlock the company. Before the door is not open, the third floor window Liang Lei stood at nearly ten metres high and lifted the child, a stop is more than and 10 minutes. The residents immediately came to find a quilt, a few people pulled the quilt in the composition of a safety net below, worried that Liang Lei could not support and children fall. Unlock the door was opened, residents rushed to pick up the child, Liang Lei residents and firefighters with the help of safe downstairs. Then the child’s parents rushed home to thank Liang Lei and residents. Reporters learned that the incident two years old boy alone at home, can not find their parents climbed up the window. Reporters learned that Liang Lei was a teacher, I love sports, the successful rescue let Liang Lei became small celebrity. Area residents praised Liang Lei, unarmed climbing stairs is not generally brave rescue. Talking about saving things, Liang Lei said that he did not want to think, just go up to save the child. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: