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(1)Tucson Arizona is the state’s second largest city. Its population, estimated at over 900,000, is not far behind the Arizona state capital, Phoenix Arizona which has roughly 1.4 million residents. Surprisingly, (pleasantly so) Tucson does not emanate the typical air of a large city. Even with close to a million (2)Tucsonans, and a vibrant economic base, it somehow manages to ‘feel’ more like a mid-size town. Perhaps the perfect year around weather accounts for all the friendly folks, or it could be that the .munity is thriving and generally content. It could also be that such a prominent segment of the population is retired lending great stability and sagacity to the (3)Old Pueblo. It’s a very casual and relaxing place in the desert. Some of the nicest places in Tucson are ‘.e as you are.’ Residents of this health-conscious city are frequently attired in hiking, biking, climbing, or exercise clothing not to mention golf and tennis togs! It all adds up to a friendly desert oasis. The weather is fantastic! Tucson Arizona’s annual rainfall is just a few inches, and the sun makes a daily appearance. It’s the perfect climate for outdoor activities of any kind. When you plan a Saturday picnic with the family, or a round of golf with friends, you won’t have to worry about cancelling. The heat is very dry, and along with the desert breezes, keeps you feeling much cooler than expected. Most visitors are shocked at how cool it feels when it’s 90 in Tucson. Great attractions and events! Tucson Arizona has some amazing attractions and unique events far too many to list here. But this partial list is provided just to get your mind working: Flandrau Planetarium Kitt Peak Observatory (Tucson is a global hub for astronomers) Mount Lemmon (includes the ski resort) World Renowned Spas (Hollywood’s favorite) The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (world’s largest) World Class Golf (all year around real estate is available on some of the courses.) The Tucson Rodeo (schools let out for this one!) Posh Resorts (watch for the stars at these also) Consciousness Conference (from the blockbuster movie: What The Bleep do We Know?) The University of Arizona (Pac-10 Wildcats) The world’s largest privately owned collection of aircraft Old Tucson Movie Studios Saguaro National Monument The Wildlife Museum Biodome II Tombstone and Patagonia are right down the street. The 4th Avenue Street Fair Nogales Mexico is an hour away (great shopping) Reid Park Zoo Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Tucson Sidewinders (AAA baseball team) Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, and White Sox Spring Training NASCAR Racing (at the Tucson’s County fairgrounds) Fiesta de Los Vaqueros (at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds) Annual Mariachi Band .petition Opera, Ballet, and Symphony Concerts (Major stars all year long) Tucson Arizona Data: Elevation: 2,389 feet Population: 950,000 Geographical Size: 600 square miles Average high temperature: 81.7 F Average low temperature: 54.2 F Hottest Month: June (maximum 100.2 F) Coolest Month: January (minimum 38.9 F) Greatest Rainfall: August (2.3") 3rd fastest growing city in the United States Air Travel: Tucson International Airport is served by ten airlines Tucson Arizona also offers some of the best medical facilities in the world including The University Medical Center; The Heart Center; and The Cancer Center. The city’s thriving medical .munity is largely geared towards care for the elderly, sports care, and skin care. And if you prefer the naturopathic approach, Tucson is definitely the place to be. (4)Tucson Arizona real estate remains a good investment. Real estate in Tucson has appreciated almost 30% .pared to about 8% in the rest of the country. Obviously, Tucson has successfully remained relatively unaffected by recent real estate slumps in parts of the US. The Tucson real estate market is viable, and dynamic and there are plenty of eager, experienced professional Tucson real estate agents to help you see your options, and guide your choice. If I weren’t out of space, I’d dwell on the sunsets. High country desert sunsets there’s nothing like them. And Tucson Arizona boasts some of the most spectacular. They draw international attention, and will take your breath away. So whether you’re seeking a great place to relocate to, raise a family and find a great home or seeking the perfect retirement location Tucson Arizona is the place for you. Oh, and by the way, it’s one of the world’s premier vacation destinations, but that’s another story (1) Tucson is pronounced TOO-shn. There is no emphasis mark as it is correct to place the emphasis on either syllable. (2) While "Tucsonans" is preferred, "Tucsonians" is also entirely acceptable. (3) Tucson is often called the "Old Pueblo," and sometimes (rarely) the "Little Pueblo." This moniker refers to the small presidio which once stood guard over the Tucson area, and its residents. (4) The Tucson real estate market, at this writing (May, 2006) is nicely avoiding the national real estate slump. Real estate in Tucson’s eastside is still selling high and very well; new housing starts are abundant; Northwest Tucson real estate, including Marana and Oro Valley are booming; new business sites and shopping areas are under construction; undeveloped real estate is available in very desirable areas of Tucson; the Rio Nuevo Project the revitalization of downtown Tucson is going strong. All the indicators indicate that Tucson real estate will almost surely continue to substantially out perform the national average. 相关的主题文章: