Treating Gout

Medicine Gout is a very painful disease and can cause a lot of dis.fort to whoever it attacks. However treating pain is quite simple, if you do know how to treat gout. The first tactic that can be used to treat gout is to act quickly and take medications as quicky as possible that include baking soda, indomethacin, cherry juice or any other kind of medicine. If you wait longer to take medicines or to act on the pain that is caused by gout, the inflammation will be.e severe. This means that you will have to carry around your anti gout kit no matter where you go even if it means you have to carry your cherry juice everywhere you go. In some cases you can even try heat or ice to reduce the pain is caused by gout. Ice is perhaps better than heat. In a survey that was conducted a few years ago, there were about 20 participants who said that they preferred ice to numb the pain rather than heat for treating the pain. Ice is placed on the attack area for about 15 min that help in numbing the pain for a while. However it should be noted that the ice should not be left on the gout area for too long as uric acid crystallization can occur if it is left for too long. This should be done occasionally throughout the day and it applies to all parts such as foot pain, wrists, hand, elbows and even knee pain. If you do not have ice, even cold water can be used to numb the pain that is caused by gout. After you have treated the gout pain area, it is best to keep the area warm to discourage uric acid crystallization. There is also something called gout stools which are seen for sale on sites like eBay. These stools have been around since the 19th century and people who suffer from gout used to put their feet on them and spend the night in an armchair. The problem was that they could not be given the weight of a bed sheet on the big toe which was usually infected by gout. In case of a gout flare up, it is advised that you keep your feet and knees elevated to avoid blood rushing into the inflamed joint. Some people have reported that wrapping up the affected area in a cloth also brings relief. However it should be noted that this wrapping up should not be too tight so as to cut off circulation to the affected area. All clothing should be removed from the spot and then it can be wrapped in a cloth. This is a very old remedy and in some cases it seems to be on par with the ice therapy. There are several other natural remedies such as drinking plenty of water, eating cherries and also eating strawberries in order to reduce the uric acid that is the primary cause of gout. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: