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Tofu skin heat lungs   recommended to eat two kinds of Channel – Shaanxi – original title: tofu skin heat lungs recommend two eat tofu skin how to eat? Many families on the table tofu skin is used for cold food, in addition to there is no other way to eat it? At the same time, what are the nutritional value and benefits of eating tofu? Here is to introduce the nutritional value of tofu skin and two kinds of eating method. That the nutritional value of traditional Chinese medicine theory of bean curd, bean curd skin sweet natured, heat lungs, cough phlegm, stomach, detoxification, antiperspirant efficacy. Bean curd skin is rich in nutrition, protein and amino acid content is high, according to modern scientific determination, as well as iron, calcium, molybdenum and other human essential 18 trace elements. Children’s consumption can improve immunity and promote the development of body and intelligence. Long term consumption of older people can prolong life. Especially for pregnant women during the postpartum period, both can quickly restore health, but also increase milk. Tofu skin has the advantages of easy digestion and fast absorption. It is a kind of good food for women, young, old and weak. Next, take a look at the tofu skin how to eat it. The skin of bean curd eat two kinds of lettuce, bean curd skin material: 2 pieces of lettuce, bean curd half pieces, red pepper 1, 1 spoons of cooking oil, salt, monosodium glutamate 5g, 2G, 5g, garlic, ginger, leek root 3G, 6 practices: water lettuce, cut to fine, drain. The palm of tofu skin and cut into 6 pieces, cooked into the pot and add water to salt. Red pepper chopped standby. Heat the pan, add lettuce, stir fry, drain the water. Boil the oil, 5 mature, add ginger, garlic and red pepper saute, add lettuce stir evenly with salt, MSG pot. To a good fried lettuce at the end are involved in tofu skin, with leek leaves tied dish. Braised bean curd leather material: tofu skin count, a little meat, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, ginger, onion tofu bag meat method: tofu skin water soft, spread out, cut into four parts. Each one is about the same size as a man’s hand. Minced meat with ginger, onion end tune. Take a small tofu skin, put a little adjustment of meat, wrapped like a spring roll as wrapped up. After the whole package, the pan is placed in a small amount of frying, the surface is golden, cooking wine. Add a small amount of water, soy sauce, sugar seasoning, cooked in the middle of the fire for about 4 minutes, cooked it. Finally you can sprinkle chopped green onion or white sesame. The above two kinds of tofu skin is very simple, try to see it. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li) 豆腐皮可清热润肺 推荐两种吃法–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:豆腐皮可清热润肺 推荐两种吃法   豆腐皮要怎么吃呢?很多家庭的餐桌上豆腐皮都是用于凉拌食用的,除此之外还有没有其他的吃法呢?同时,吃豆腐皮又会有哪些营养价值和好处呢?下面就来为大家具体介绍一下豆腐皮的营养价值和两种吃法吧。   豆腐皮的营养价值   中医理论认为,豆腐皮性平味甘,有清热润肺、止咳消痰、养胃、解毒、止汗等功效。豆腐皮营养丰富,蛋白质、氨基酸含量高,据现代科学测定,还有铁、钙、钼等人体所必需的18种微量元素。儿童食用能提高免疫能力,促进身体和智力的发展。老年人长期食用可延年益寿。特别对孕妇产后期间食用既能快速恢复身体健康,又能增加奶水。豆腐皮还有易消化、吸收快的优点。是一种妇、幼、老、弱皆宜的食用佳品。   接下来,一起看看豆腐皮要怎么吃吧。   豆腐皮的两种吃法   生菜豆腐皮   材料:生菜2颗,豆腐皮半张,红尖椒1个,调和油1匙,盐5g,味精2g,蒜末5g,姜末3g,韭菜6根   做法:生菜过水,切成细末,沥干。豆腐皮切成巴掌大6张,入锅加水加盐,煮熟。红尖椒切细备用。锅烧热,加入生菜,微炒,沥干水分。锅内放油,5成熟,加入姜蒜末、红尖椒爆香,再加生菜翻炒均匀加盐、味精起锅。把炒好的生菜末依次卷入豆腐皮内,用韭菜叶系住装盘。   红烧豆腐皮   材料:豆腐皮数张,肉馅少许,酱油,料酒,糖,生姜,葱豆腐皮包肉   做法:豆腐皮用水沾软,摊开,切成四份。每份大约和男人的手一样大。肉馅用姜末、葱末调好。取一小张豆腐皮,放上少许调好的肉馅,像包春卷一样包起来。全部包好后,平底锅放少量油煎一下,表面呈金黄色,烹入料酒。加少量水、酱油、白糖调味,中火煮约4分钟,熟了就可以了。最后可以撒上葱花或者白芝麻。   以上两种豆腐皮的做法都很简单,快来试试看吧。 (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章: