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"Titan 2" game evaluation: Born Under A Bad Sign pity [Sina original game]. Please indicate the source before the "battlefield 1" after the other "call of duty 13", "2" titanfall so hurry on, I haven’t even compiled code from the "battlefield 1" and "4" of the war machine battle of the network (and the "6 civilization") recovered, you have to hold the attitude for work need to touch the "Titan 2", visible for many game player in terms of the sale, regardless of time or wallet are embarrassing. From the recent news and we also know that the game’s poor sales, even in Britain is not as good as the old rolling 5 of sales, sales in the same period but also more than 1/4 of the original X1 exclusive. Is it the quality of the game itself? Is this a huge change with original game what evolution? Today you weave together and work this "Titan 2". Chinese dubbed the first thing to say is that this is the official EA first full Chinese dubbing game, fully finished game player in the game so that they can play better and more convenient, for the single part described can play more thoroughly. From this point of view, EA is still very conscience, compiled remember a Chinese dubbing game or halo 5…… Although the bay Bay dubbing will make some players feel awkward, but for listening to the "halo" series for the compilation of the inexplicable cordial. The game screen EA are the same issue, "battlefield 1" bombing general propaganda let us see what is pro son treatment, unfortunately the "Titan 2" becomes dry, whether it is propaganda or technology, are difficult to be called super big performance. In the game shadow map, flattered, and dynamic resolution, which causes the game quality both in the host or in PC can not make people feel visual enjoyment, many of the details are too illegible, although only a part of the background, but with more precise character modeling for gap is too big a little. Fortunately, the game feel good game handle, can make this game a comeback, the succession before all the advantages of fast motion shooting makes you busy in the game when taking into account too many other things. And iron Yu such worth mentioning is the shotgun in the gun, foot, power range, bullet enough, with two sliding, jump across the railing or wall to raid the enemy, refreshment full! I think you can enter the FPS in the history of the best among the shotgun. "Titan 2" and before the same, focusing on two kinds of battles: traditional gunfight between iron and iron Yu Yu, and the titans clash of steel. Despite the new mode of operation and mobility of high mobility, but also retains the traditional shooting game. So from its single campaign section, I put the Buddha saw a lot of different games together: COD, Halo, Far, cry and platform jumping "core" and "recast, Hawken (Hawken)". This game has six different original single story "Titan Titan" and no single.相关的主题文章: