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Tiantan hospital will print 3D for craniotomy – Sohu health craniotomy, how to use 3D printing technology? In the sleep center, can you sleep well? Beijing City Hospital Authority and the Beijing City radio (FM107.3, AM1026) health gas station jointly launched a number of public dialogue, the guardian of the guardian guardian series. The morning of November 10th, Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University Dean Wang Chen, with netizens quest sophisticated Tiantan hospital. (Tiantan hospital dean Wang Chen and the "health" host Cao Yu gas station is broadcast) 3D printing model has become a good helper of craniocerebral surgery doctors craniotomy intracranial operation, narrow space, high risk operation. 3D patients with intracranial disease before surgery can help doctors better evaluate the surgical approach, operating points, surgical risk. For example, intracranial aneurysms, which can lead to a hemorrhagic stroke, are a part of the wall, which is like a balloon". If the balloon blown hypertension to a certain extent, the vessel wall is very thin, there may be blown down, resulting in very dangerous hemorrhagic stroke. In the case of an intracranial aneurysm, an aneurysm clamping device is needed to clamp the aneurysm’s "balloon mouth" so that the blood flow is no longer allowed to enter the balloon, eliminating the risk of rupture. Lead to very dangerous hemorrhagic stroke. (3D printer precise craniotomy) ward three, director of the center, Tiantan hospital cerebrovascular disease department of Neurosurgery director Zhang Dong introduction, general aneurysm surgery is not difficult, but for complex aneurysms, especially near the skull base or giant, 3D printing technology will be able to plan safe, doctors surgery prior to provide great with the help of. Tiantan hospital, chief physician Wang Chen said, at present, as long as the input data of the NMR, CT patients, the use of appropriate materials in patients before surgery, to the brain model 3D print 1:1 proportion, reflect the actual situation of intracranial aneurysm volume and the main position of the vessel shape, provide the anatomic relationship between the lesions and important structure around the real for doctors. 3D print brain surgery model is currently in the field of scientific research, experiment, the hospital has done a large number of cases, but did not charge patients. Each time the cost of 3D printing in a few thousand dollars, according to the size of the print range generally takes 1-2 days. Sleep center to your "quiet", "dream" Tiantan hospital on cerebrovascular diseases, emergency treatment and rehabilitation, psychological reconstruction, quality of life, security, and prevention oriented health risk factor screening to provide comprehensive services, like the 4S shop car repair and maintenance of the whole process service. Cerebrovascular diseases tend to have high recurrence rate, first aid after picking up a life, may occur in patients with anxiety, depression and other psychological problems, can not sleep at ease. For patients with late rehabilitation and psychological construction, Beijing Tiantan Hospital of Neuropsychiatry and clinical psychiatry sleep center was established in 2015, the Department of Neurology, psychiatry and psychology of the integration of professional doctors, with transcranial magnetic stimulation,.相关的主题文章: