Tianjin secondary housing transfer difficult online no yellow cattle lion big openings-ssport

Tianjin second-hand housing transfer online to grab not have winter, "cattle" lion big openings, but the sale of second-hand housing has increased the heat. Recently, some people reflect to the newspaper, originally thought to choose their satisfaction with the house is not easy, but did not expect to be stuck in the transfer of second-hand housing Paihao, more let her surprise, "cattle" actually scrambled to 6000 yuan. WeChat grab number every day, there is no line of Ms. Wang in June this year, bought a second-hand housing in Jinnan district. At the end of September, Ms. Wang began to apply for housing transfer matters, but did not expect to spend a month with no result. "I started at the end of September WeChat grab number, until now no row." Ms. Wang told reporters. Originally, Ms. Wang said Rob is the Jinnan Housing Authority in order to alleviate the pressure line, online appointment Paihao approach, "begin at 9 every Monday to Friday morning, basically as long as a schedule to grab gone. Because the number is required to apply for the owner to complete, so I am worried that time dragged too long, the owners will change." Ms. Wang said anxiously. In order to complete the transfer procedures as soon as possible, Ms. Wang also wanted to find "cattle"". "They told me just grab the number will be 6000 yuan, transfer to another operator, which is too kengren." Reporters unannounced visits to cattle, the highest number of up to 10000 yuan last week, four, 7 points, Hexi District real estate trading service hall has been lined up tens of meters long queues. Reporters rough estimate, at 8, the number of queuing has reached nearly 400 people, and the service hall office time is 9 start. The reporter saw in the trading hall door, several small ads are whispered to say what the past pedestrians. The reporter came up with a middle-aged man handed over the business card, marked on the top of the "agent Housing sale, transfer, quick pick up, take the number in advance" words. Reporters try to find out the situation with this man, the other side repeatedly assured that you can handle the transfer, the specific matters on the card to talk about the phone. The reporter dialed the mobile phone that claimed to be Tian manager according to the telephone provided on the card. The other side is a business door, less than half a minute from the crowd in the mysterious appear in front of reporters. The reporter describes the situation, the manager Tian repeatedly promised as long as the parties will be able to go through the transfer formalities, tomorrow, when the reporter mentioned the cost, the other said, "number 8000 yuan, the transfer agent is another, 7 days you can get a permit." Said the man confidently. When a reporter asked WeChat online booking rush number can also be handled, Tian manager said, "WeChat reservation number is more difficult, now strictly managed, we charge at around 12000 yuan, but the city six districts I can handle."". New measures to shorten the processing time to combat "traffickers" it is understood that the City District Real Estate Registration Center launched Huimin measures, in addition to shorten the registration time and prolong the time of foreign office, especially for cattle numbers down the phenomenon of set up the supervision of telephone complaints, where business people found deliberately, selling the queue and other acts of violation charges in the process of real estate registration process, it can promptly call the district business hall published telephone complaints.

天津二手房过户难 网上抢不着号“黄牛”狮子大开口   虽已入冬,但二手房买卖的热度却有增无减。最近,有市民向本报反映,原本觉得选到自己满意的房子已经不容易,可没想到却卡在二手房的排号过户问题上,更让她吃惊的是,“黄牛号”竟然炒到了6000元。   微信抢号 每天一放号就没   王女士今年6月在津南区买了套二手房。9月底,王女士开始着手办理房屋的过户事宜,没想到却耗费一个多月仍无结果。“我9月底开始微信抢号,直到现在还没有排上。”王女士对记者说道。   原来,王女士所说的抢号是津南房管局为了缓解排队压力,实行的网上预约排号办法,“周一到周五每天早晨9点开始放号,基本上只要一放号就抢没了。因为抢号规定是需要房主申请完成,所以我很担心时间拖得太久,房主会有变化。”王女士焦急地说。   为了能尽快完成过户手续,王女士也曾想过找“黄牛”。“他们告诉我光是抢号就要6000元,过户另算,这也太坑人了。”   记者暗访 黄牛倒号最高可上万元   上周四7点多,河西区不动产交易服务大厅外已经排起几十米的长队。记者粗略估算,8点时排队人数已达近400人,而服务大厅的办公时间是9点才开始。   记者在交易大厅的门口看到,几个正在发小广告的人小声地向过往的行人说着什么。记者上前随手接过一个中年男子递来的名片,上面明显的标注着“代办房屋买卖过户,快速取件,提前拿号” 的字样。   记者试着跟这名男子探询情况,对方一再保证可以办理过户,具体事宜打卡片上的电话详谈。记者按照卡片上提供的电话,拨通了这位自称田经理的手机。对方一听是生意上门,不到半分钟便从拥挤的人群中神秘地出现在记者眼前。   记者说明了情况后,这位田经理一再承诺只要买卖双方手续齐全,明天就能办完过户,当记者提到费用时,对方说,“排号8000元,代办过户另算,7天后就可以拿到证。”男子信心满满地说道。当记者问到网上微信预约抢号是否也能办理,田经理说“微信预约号难度更大,现在管得严,我们收费在12000元左右,不过市内六区我都能办理”。   新措施缩短办证时间 打击“号贩子”   据了解,市内各区的不动产登记中心均推出了惠民措施,除了缩短了登记时限和延长了对外办公时间外,特别针对黄牛倒号的现象设置了监督投诉电话,凡企业群众在办理不动产登记过程中发现故意刁难、卖号插队、违规收费等行为,可及时拨打所属区交易大厅公布的监督投诉电话。相关的主题文章: