Tianjin public telephone fraud through retaliation more than 40 calls call you die-w-inds.

Tianjin public telephone fraud through retaliation more than 40 calls "call you" "I know that you are a liar, don’t call!" Around 17 am yesterday, Mr. Lee found the public telephone fraud, and warning to cheat on the phone, but this has angered the liar. In the next hour, the liar was crazy to call Mr. Lee more than 40 calls, so that Mr. Lee cried without tears. About 18 o’clock yesterday, the reporter went to see Mr. Li in Nankai District Tianbao road home, Mr. Li’s mobile phone is still ringing. Pick up the phone, a man claiming to be "Hui Sheng fund company employees, and said he has inside news show, a fund in the short term will be skyrocketing, recommend to the fund in advance does not charge any fees, Mr. Li benefit, then pay 30% of the proceeds as the recommended fee. Mr. Li told reporters, fund money to collect fees, but the loss of money but no compensation, he long do financial investment, this trick has seen many. It is understood that the phone at around day 17 for the first time into the mobile phone Mr. Lee, because he was immediately obvious deception, Lise denounced liar fraud behavior, and said: "you lie, I will alarm!" Did not think this angered the liar, Mr. Li hung off shortly thereafter every time the phone, it will call liar. "The same story." Mr. Li said, he asked why the liar to fight over, "said liar didn’t respond; call again on the alarm," liar is that "alarm is not afraid of it". In desperation, Mr. Lee will be pulled into the blacklist liar phone number, but the liar immediately changed the number to play in. Until 18 pm the same day, only to stop fraud. Reporters saw in the phone, Mr. Lee, the liar has more than and 40 calls, the caller number is 20, the number of territorial throughout Shanghai, Guangdong and other places. Liar should be able to change the phone number to call IP phone." Mr. Li said, this liar rampant seriously affected his life, and made him feel angry. Yesterday, Mr. Lee has been on the matter to the police call the territory of the police. "Reporter Song Xuefei相关的主题文章: