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The Three Quarter Economic Observer: a little less anxiety and more patience – Sohu news the grim face of complex domestic and international situation, the first three quarters of this year, China’s economy is generally stable, steady and quality, Naka Yujin, better than expected. Result not easily won, an important reason is that China has maintained macroeconomic policy "power", take measures to steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, promote the supply side structural reform. Anyone from the accurate judgment to the stage of economic development. At present, China’s economy is still in the transformation and upgrading, the key stage of kinetic energy conversion, domestic factors and international factors affect each other, there are still many unstable and uncertain factors. To promote economic development, can not rely on short-term stimulus, but to focus on long-term policy and deepen reform. Anyone from the expectations for China’s economic growth. In the face of the economic development of the "L" – shaped trend and the various stages of repeated fluctuations, should flow, not because of momentary fluctuations in swing, elastic repeatedly, but for a long time to work, adhere to stable expectations. Whether it is domestic or foreign, economic growth fell objective inevitability. Urgent is the development of disease bogey, you need to get rid of and overcome the economic growth "speed complex" and "speed anxiety", you need to give some time to the market, greater space for the market. Therefore, we should grasp the intensity and rhythm of macroeconomic regulation and control, and keep the economy running in a reasonable range. Active fiscal policy to boosting efficiency, including the use of tools, to promote the deficit spending and tax cuts Jiangfei efforts. The prudent monetary policy to create a flexible, monetary and financial environment suitable for the supply side structural reforms to maintain moderate growth reasonably adequate liquidity and total social financing, clear transmission mechanism, reduce financing costs, strengthen the real economy, especially in key areas and weak links of innovation and entrepreneurship, Small and micro businesses and the "three rural" etc. support. It should be noted that before the fall of private investment, not lack of funds, but lack of confidence. In this case, we should broaden the scope and channels of private investment, eliminate private investment to enhance the development of private enterprises the menace from the rear, emboldened, not because of a momentary setbacks and lax. A little less anxiety, a little more patience. The huge consumer demand in China as the development support, the key is how to enhance the effective supply, and unswervingly promote the supply side structural reform, scientific co-ordination steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, anti risk, pay close attention to implementation of the policy of reform landing. From the end of last year, the central economic work conference, the deployment of the central this year to see, all reflect the intention to maintain macroeconomic stability. The fourth quarter of next year and the economy still faces enormous challenges and uncertainties, to maintain concentration will not change the tone. (source: Journal of Economic Daily: vibration method)相关的主题文章: