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"Three" national idiom magic cube even play 7 games on   philosophical wisdom – Culture – Beijing in October 8,  ‘s story; (reporter Huang Wei) following the "China story" "a" "idiom, idiom magic cube cube two", from "suspected neighbor stealing axe" and "Jiezeeryu" and "after" three "idiom idiom story consisting of three" in October 1st China Eryi cube holiday classic theater wonderful debut, the seven day national day even play 7 games with the kids to spend a happy and meaningful golden week. Familiar with the stage in front of the audience, each one contains China traditional wisdom philosophical idiom story with vivid and interesting narrative. Let the children feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture in the laughter. Do you know if someone stole your axe? Take the water out of the pond to catch it, but can you catch it later? The sheep were eaten by the wolf put sheep up in prison, but also in time? "China story" three "with" idiom magic cube childlike expression way to tell the story of three idioms, each contains a unique philosophical wisdom, or for people to watch, or teach ways. Suspected neighbor stealing axe "director Yang Cheng" to combine with the dolls now singing, now dancing performance, and let the children understand the idiom, in which to find their own points of interest, so as to open Chinese traditional culture treasure opportunity ";" the "director He Jiguang to use the most simple and plain stage, let the show is show, completely by the actor’s body language and facial expressions and speak good with this idiom story, causing the audience thinking"; and "after" director Liu Qi this "form of mime" let the audience understand "to avoid mistakes, rather than to compensate for the damage." Stunning debut of many elements of the stage to flush mounted combined children’s drama "Chinese story" "three story" idiom magic cube three idioms is an independent chapter, combined into a "magic cube", "turn" Chinese idiom culture and colorful charm. Live performances, in accordance with the "three" Rubik’s Cube "idiom suspect neighbor stealing axe" and "drain" and "after" sequence, the deductive approach still playful, choreography style focus on "practical" and "dance", based on the former two movable screen display mode, integration the more diverse elements of the stage. The show opens, the mountain village of stone grandpa and Grandpa Zhang with dance launched a "skilled craftsmen" contest, into popular music caught the attention of the audience. With lovely "Idol" elements of the application, make suspected neighbor stealing an axe "this idiom is lively and vivid display in front of the audience. Then we came to the Great Lakes Village, followed by fish and Wang Dashan Hu Dayong Maitan of "serious consequences Jiezeeryu". The two comic drama style language style, the audience constantly bursting point, and when the lights go out, the audience into the wonderful world of the lake. In the use of "black screen", the actors with flexible fingers for the audience to depict the bottom of life, to bring a new visual experience. In the end, a farmer in the fold, the audience witnessed a "silent").相关的主题文章: