Three minutes, teach you to identify the true and false – Sohu and Xinhui tangerine peel

Three minutes, teach you to identify the true and false – Sohu and Xinhui tangerine peel map: South Orange Tea tea. Usually, Chen period in more than three years of Xinhui Citrus skin, also known as the orange peel. The quality of Qi and stomach, Xinhui tangerine peel, eliminating dampness and eliminating phlegm. With the increasing demand of Xinhui tangerine peel, in the market, those products under the banner of "high-quality new citrus" name, the essence of fruit as they campaign like that? Next, the South Ming Tea sister and friends you tell me how to identify true and false identification and tangerine peel, orange peel is actually very simple, according to the South Ming sister summary "five skills", three minutes to allow you to identify true and false Xinhui tangerine peel. Map: South Orange Tea, 1 tea with genuine citrus: Citrus Xinhui view shape surface glossy, looks like a real OilFeel; usually with little scar Xinhui tangerine peel (because the Xinhui region is located in the Pearl River Delta, the unique geographical location, the mountain and the sea, there is often a typhoon exit. These scars are the marks left by the typhoon. False Xinhui Citrus: Citrus surface dark heavy, almost no oilfeel. Map: South Beauty Tea, 2 tea citrus fragrance genuine: citrus cultivation in Xinhui Xinhui tangerine peel region is the intersection of two rivers, the citrus tree growth to provide a good condition. Make a unique Xinhui tangerine peel rich natural flavor. And the higher the storage year orange fragrance will be pale, orange, tangerine peel flavor is getting stronger. Such as "south wind" in 2016 produced the orange tea tea, from a distance, can clearly smell the fragrance of Citrus tangerine peel with Chen Xiang, and the integration of Pu’er tea flavor, showing the unique style of Citrus & tea. Map: South Orange Tea tea lady if businesses tell you this is eight years, ten years, you can carefully Xinhui tangerine peel, citrus fragrance smell, if Chen Xiangwei is rich, so we can conclude that it is genuine. On the contrary, if a strong smell, then you have to seriously consider. 3, genuine skin scraping with fingernails scraping: new citrus peel, through the place there will be obvious shiny. Xinhui tangerine peel species, citrus leaf species belongs to the tea oil body, oil system. A surface that comes from abundant oil and clear. So in this one made of dried tangerine peel, unique features still exist, also known as a basis for identification of genuine orange peel. Map: South Orange Tea tea with fake fingernails scraping: Xinhui tangerine peel, shiny appearance. 4, chew dried tangerine peel: fold a piece of genuine Xinhui tangerine peel orange peel, placed in the mouth to chew. Really, after chewing a mouthful Xinhui tangerine peel, is sweet, and rich with fragrant citrus and orange incense. Chewing time can obviously feel Xinhui tangerine peel chewy. Map: South Orange Tea tea with poor taste: fake Xinhui tangerine peel chewing, chewing on the broken and powdered feeling. There is a bitter taste in the mouth. 5, the degree of resistance to bubble: a genuine new citrus peel, placed in a pot of boiling water. The cooking time can clearly smell the fragrant citrus. Drink orange soup, no bitter sweet. More than and 10 continuous cooker pot of water, orange incense still. network相关的主题文章: