This week Beijing expects 2 projects to open between the five or six

This week, Beijing expects the opening of the 2 project. The supply area is concentrated in five or six rings. According to incomplete statistics of Tencent property, 2 projects will be opened in Beijing this week, namely, the new international home in Tongzhou and the Beijing Times Square in Fangshan. From the market point of view the type of project, the project opened this week with ordinary residential residential products each accounted for one set, one of Fangshan’s Beijing Times Square project main commercial products, while Tongzhou’s new international home project main push 99 flat 2 residential project price; from the market point of view, Fangshan Beijing Times Square project price relatively low price, 29000 yuan, compared to the other regions of Fangshan, the price is relatively low; from the city into the project area, Beijing five or six are located in the outer suburbs, as can be seen, the Beijing new housing suburbanization trend is more obvious. This week (October 10th -10 16) the market price of the project name Taoshuo area opening time opening price telephone Beijing Times Square, 240 sets of Fangshan in October 15th the average price of 29000 yuan 400-819-1111 to 611185 new homes in Tongzhou in October 15th 300 sets of international average price of 48000 yuan per 400-819-1111 to 610519 Times Square in Beijing to see the details of the lowest price of 900 thousand yuan set of large-sized apartment low price of real estate | Gallery the latest 400-819-1111 611185 development location: Fangshan Huang Liang and higher education park in eastern Liangxiang is expected to price: the average price of 29000 yuan opening time: October 15, 2016 opening area: 35-65 square Bay project number: 400-819-1111 611185 new international home to see the details the average price of 48000 yuan square meters house livable real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 to 610519 bits of real estate place: Tongzhou Shangtong Avenue and East Elm Street intersection The northeast corner of expected price: the average price of 48000 yuan opening time: October 15, 2016 opening area: 99 square meters Liangju project number: 400-819-1111 610519

本周北京預計2項目開盤 供應區域集中五六環之間据騰訊房產不完整統計,本周北京預計有2個項目開盤,分別是位於通州的新地國際傢園和位於房山的北京時代廣場(樓盤資料)項目。從入市項目類型來看來看,本周開盤項目商住產品與普通住宅各佔一盤,其中房山的北京時代廣場項目主推商住產品,而通州的新地國際傢園項目主推99平2居住宅;從入市項目價格來看,房山北京時代廣場項目均價相對較低,均價29000元 平,相對於京郊其他區域,房山的房價還是相對較低的;從入市項目區域來看,均位於北京五六環外的郊區,可以看出,北京新建住房郊區化趨勢愈加明顯。本周(10月10日-10月16日)樓市開盤情況項目名稱區域套數開盤時間開盤均價電話北京時代廣場房山240套10月15日均價29000元 平400-819-1111轉611185新地國際傢園通州300套10月15日均價48000元 平400-819-1111轉610519北京時代廣場查看詳情 最低價90 萬元 套 小戶型低總價樓盤圖庫|最新動態 400-819-1111轉611185樓盤位寘:房山黃良路與高教園區良鄉東區預計價格:均價29000元 平開盤時間:2016年10月15日開盤面積:35-65平開間項目電話:400-819-1111轉611185新地國際傢園查看詳情 均價48000 元 平方米 婚房生態宜居樓盤圖庫|最新動態 400-819-1111轉610519樓盤位寘:通州商通大道與榆東一街交叉口東北角預計價格:均價48000元 平開盤時間:2016年10月15日開盤面積:99平米兩居項目電話:400-819-1111轉610519相关的主题文章: