There are things that people who have older brothers will experience! Sohu – vy canis majoris

There are things that people who have older brothers will experience! Many Sohu mother no brother people have dreamed to have a brother can rely on feeling, but those who really have a brother who did not think so… Is to expose the hidden behind the truth, is a story of blood and tears ah ~ if you have the same sense of his brother by? The following bad deeds of exposing Chow brothers… The sister brother Haircut when mop aesthetic strange Der ~ how smooth highway… Ah…. hair birthday will receive a mystery gift you have eleven years old, this is really good, Happy birthday! I hope you will like my gift to you. Although I didn’t buy you a gift, I found this piece of anti-static cloth on the floor of my room. You love the most when you were little brother will use laundry baskets and other items to imprison you do anything to prevent you touch his things you want to sell sell brother: 8000$, with his bed and toys meaning please contact Gon Freecss wake up ~ the brother is full of fantasy of the people, these are the cruel truth why can’t I have with me like Magee’s brother, and then he had friends sexy would tease me, and when I am sad I went to McDonald’s to eat, I will beat those bad boys. My brother once sat on me and began to fart, until I fainted. My brother used tape tied me on a treadmill, and then transferred to the fastest mode. My Christmas when he was four years old, my brother put me in a Ferret Cage lock for a whole hour. Always win the match when you hit your brother or sister, and tried to appease them don’t cry or to snitch when. After reading the above, is not the heart again? But to her brother’s position to think… Used to enjoy all the love of parents, but were forced to share things with the children, to help take care of the baby crying. Forgive brother occasionally practical joke? But there are people happy to love when my brother although usually naughty, but his sister is also very good care! Know that he is no longer a person must be very happy. But in the end, please remember, no matter how difficult or painful, he will always be on your side, with you grow up, accompany you through the storm. Parents will one day grow old, to accompany you at the end of the time to grow up with you, the best understanding of your brothers and sisters. Xiao Bian read also think of his brother, when I want to go abroad to complete their dreams, a word did not say more, take the initiative to save their own hard to save the small series. I was really touched, whether it is a brother or sister, please cherish. Does this article remind you of your loved ones? Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy etc.)相关的主题文章: