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"The essence of well-being" meeting Xi Jinping Hong Xiuzhu cited the cross-strait hot – Beijing, the original title: "Xi Hong will cause cross-strait hot high-profile KMT leaders met on November 1st afternoon in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing debut. This is the first time Hong Xiuzhu, chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang and the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping met. DPP came to power after the heat is no longer cross-strait relations, the opposition KMT intends to maintain the policy advantage of the two sides play a good card. Adhering to the "92 consensus" and opposing "Taiwan independence" has always been the top priority in handling cross-strait relations. In this context, the leaders of the latest speech on cross-strait relations, naturally become the focus of outside attention, interpretation. There are substantial well-being of the meeting, Peking University, University of International Relations, doctoral student full attention to the meeting. Continued observation of cross-strait relations Wang Yuqing said that Xi Jinping’s speech repeatedly mentioned the "92 consensus" to talk about the relationship, talk with the people of Taiwan, the trend of cross-strait dialogue from historical perspective. President Hong Xiuzhu stressed that the new Kuomintang peace through the platform, clearly opposed to "Taiwan independence". All this shows that this is a real well-being for compatriots on both sides of the meeting. Taiwan Chinese Culture University professor Pang Jianguo said in an interview with reporters, the General Secretary Xi very clearly shows that the political foundation to continue to adhere to the "92 consensus" of the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, the bottom line is never shaken. In view of the current cross-strait impasse, by meeting with the chairman of Hong Kong, the release of private channels to make breakthroughs in goodwill, this approach is relatively clear. Liu Wanli, an assistant professor at Taiwan University, Hong Xiuzhu believes that the positive thought and the spirit of the arms is very impressive. KMT or Hong Xiuzhu to talk about the deepening of the "92 consensus", there is a very important spirit is to adhere to the one China principle. Taiwan Economic Research Institute of Nankai University professor Zhu Lei said that the speech when Xi Jinping said "fair mind, maintain cross-strait peace and stability, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is an irresistible trend of history. Highlight the incompetence and Communist leaders of Green’s talks in stark contrast, the DPP authorities have so far refused to recognize the "92 consensus", not with the mainland to establish mutual trust and dialogue. President Hong Xiuzhu stressed that the new Kuomintang peace politics, is to fight against "Taiwan independence platform, on the basis of deepening the" 92 consensus ", eliminating the danger caused by the" Taiwan independence "separatist unrest, maintaining cross-strait harmony and prosperity not easily won. Liu Wanli said that the DPP cannot stabilize cross-strait relations, the mainland to contact with the green, no peace politics, rather than ending the state of hostility between the two sides, in the green highlights on cross-strait affairs incompetent. "Wang Taiwan newspaper" also published comments that, since Cai Yingwen became the "Taiwan independence" moves constantly, "a number of initiatives to promote the China", nominee for the "two states" theory of judicial level, make emphasis on the moment, Xiaoying "status quo" question mark, think this is the "curve of independence" or "the new path of independence" approach. The two sides through the high-level meeting, the initiative and the right to speak to master cross-strait issues. The same)相关的主题文章: