There are 12 groups outside the central inspection teams to the provinces

The central inspection and the 12 batch of inspection teams to the provinces under the author | buildings this year 5 to June, the safety committee of the State Council sent 8 inspection teams, respectively on the 8 provincial government to conduct safety inspections. In recent days, inspection group in succession feedback inspection, relentless criticism. The leaders said, as if the very careful to do a good job of production safety awareness. Inspection team leader to lead a group of provinces time former deputy director of the State Administration of work safety Zhao Tiechui in Jiangsu Province in September 7th two sets of feldspar Taifeng Ministry of former chief engineer Zhu Hong of Shanxi vice governor Fu Jianhua in September 6th three the Ministry of public security fire bureau deputy director Chen Fei Hunan September 8th acting governor Xu Da zhe four groups of the Ministry of housing and former Vice Minister Guo Yunchong Tianjin municipal deputy secretary, September 7th mayor Huang Xingguo in the five group in the Ministry of Water Resources Commission original leader Dong Li in September 6th in Guangxi Autonomous Region Chairman Chen Wu, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of land and six groups of Guangdong governor Zhu Xiaodan Hu Cunzhi in September 6th seven the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Group of former deputy director Zhong Youping Guizhou has not yet been reported in   group; eight former state quality inspection administration director Liu Pingjun Yunnan has not yet been reported in   the current round of inspections were fruitful, found all kinds of problems 1122 problems, the group reported Public report information 1410. From the beginning of September, the Commission will continue to Shandong, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Henan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jilin and other provinces to carry out inspections. Security Committee eighth inspection teams in Yunnan under the mine inspection   inspectors after the inspection (inspection), inspectors (check) as well as inspections. Central take the lead, all departments have moved up. Chang’an Avenue governor APP statistics, in addition to the central inspection teams, at least 12 batch of central special inspectors this year (check) group has been or will be next to the provinces: 1, the National Security Committee of production safety inspection unit 2, Ministry of Environmental Protection Inspectorate in 3, the State Council to promote private investment in 4 countries, groups of inspectors to resolve the overcapacity in the special inspection 5, the "two systems" Interim Evaluation Steering Group 6, group 7, climate change tour inspection of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the central inspection teams 8 petition work joint Inspectorate 9, the central office of the reform Inspectorate 10, implementation of the CPC Central Committee on major United Front decisions research group 11, double check demonstration base construction special inspection group, 12 the general office of the State Council, the Ministry of land and resources, unified registration of immovable property in the special inspection group, the State Council Third major inspection will start. According to the schedule, the State Council will be sent in September 18th 20 inspection teams to the region and the relevant departments of the State Council to carry out on-site supervision. In the last year, the State Council praised the 20 cities (state), the 20 counties (cities, districts), the implementation of the "free supervision". These inspectors (check) group, inspection team specifications are very high, the leader of the ministerial leadership. The State Council inspection team as an example, Council deputy secretary general Jiang Xiaojuan, Ding Xiangyang, Jiang Zelin, Minister of water resources Chen Lei, policy director Xu Shaoshi, Minister of finance Lou Jiwei, 6相关的主题文章: