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The women’s Basketball League – Xinjiang beat Beijing   in Henan reversed; overtime victory over Sichuan – Sports – original title: Women’s Basketball League – Xinjiang reversed Henan overtime victory over Sichuan Lectra Beijing Xinhua Beijing October 22nd sports news (reporter Ma Kai) China women’s Basketball League 2016 / 2017 season (WCBA) the end of the fourth round on the evening of 22, Xinjiang with Beijing, Sichuan and Henan both games draw in the regular time, overtime through competition, Xinjiang women’s basketball team by 2 points over the defending champion, Henan women’s basketball team gets away victory. In addition, Shanghai, Bayi, Heilongjiang, Shen 4 teams also won. Beijing and Xinjiang’s "TopAsia war" continuation of the finals last season’s brilliant, become the biggest thing in this league. The recent good state of Shi Xiufeng in the opening show, the sudden foreign investment to get 7 points to help the new owner of Beijing built a 11 point lead in the first quarter. While the new aid horse xueya also found the familiar rhythm, frequently inside angry, even 10 hours will be half of the score was 37:39. Easy side battles, facing Beijing frequent reshuffling, only 7 people over the Xinjiang women’s basketball team once again demonstrated the tenacious fighting spirit, based on the defensive frequently counter, into the distal to 56:51. 4 minutes before the whistle, Xinjiang held a 6 point lead by the press pressure gradually narrowed. The last moment, Shao Ting ultra long distance three plate into the basket to send the game into overtime. In overtime, Beijing team pay for tactical choice of full court press, high praise and Shao Tingjun was sent off, and the foreign aid Ritter scored 6 points, helping Xinjiang to win the match 86:84. This season, the Beijing women’s basketball team successfully renewed foreign aid Fawkes, retained the championship team, and rush to sign Shi Xiufeng from Xinjiang in the hands of the offseason, hit the old rivals. Xinjiang women’s basketball team without Ma Zengyu, Qiu Si and Zhang Xiaoni? More than the main, to introduce sprinter Candace? Parke and Ma xueya, although less than last season lineup neat, but in the "iron woman handsome" under the leadership of Zhan Shuping still retains strong strength. Another game into overtime game, home court against Sichuan in the regular time and Henan 85:85, but a sudden collapse in overtime, only 4 points, the final 89:103 defeat home court. The other match, Shandong home court 72:88 enemy Shanghai Bayi home court 79:73 victory over Guangdong, Heilongjiang home court 83:81 victory over Shanxi, Shen women’s basketball 77:70 Lectra Liaoning. WCBA new season schedule is fully used last season, the regular season will be divided into three stages of competition, each team must play at least 32 games. The next round will start in October 25th. (commissioning editor Hao Shuai and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: