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The woman at the mall was her boyfriend ex girlfriend 4 clothes hit (Figure) woman hit the network picture recently, a large shopping mall in the Eastern District of Xuzhou takes a shocking scene: a public occasion, a young woman was hit four other women. In addition to a violent blow, coarse language insult, the perpetrators will tear their clothes stripped after using a mobile phone to shoot. The adverse impact of the event, after the incident, the police on suspicion of compulsory indecent investigation, at present four violence against women has all jingfangxingju. Hit happened on the afternoon of September 8th ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter correspondent Li Weihao Wang Qionghao young woman shopping mall, a large shopping mall in the Eastern District of Xuzhou. According to video footage shows that three women wearing masks, a young woman on the ground by the abusive assault, as well as a woman in the side with a mobile phone shooting. In the meantime, some people pull the hair of a young woman, someone with her knees against her, crazy slap. At first, a woman may fear speechless, no resistance, the batterer more vigorously, a few people began to tear the women’s clothes on the body, causing a woman screaming. A tear, her clothes were ripped off. She sat on the floor, covering her face with tears. Modern Express reporter learned that the four women hit the young woman, also had people come to discourage, but to no avail. When four women with young women’s clothes, shopping mall security to stop, but few people he’s really not letting this go chaotic scenes was out of control. In the meantime, there are public alarm. Four this woman hurriedly fled the scene. There are good people to fight the woman to find clothes to cover the body. This farce by emotional disputes caused by the Lion Hill police station after receiving the report, rushed. After the police investigation, this incident due to emotional disputes. The woman was beaten 27 years old, from Guangdong, has a Xuzhou boyfriend, but her boyfriend and ex girlfriend and emotional entanglements. This time, a woman and her boyfriend back to Xuzhou, is to settle the matter, the result was hit with ex. According to the woman was beaten to the police statement, she knew her boyfriend had a former girlfriend Xu, two people living together for many years. "My boyfriend told me that he didn’t sign up for marriage, and he broke up with each other." Woman was also said to fight, although she knows Xu, but did not meet. The afternoon of September 8th, the woman was beaten and Xu in WeChat appointment. Beat a single, but did not expect the other side to bring some good sisters, erhuamoyue she was beaten up. "I was hit 20 times, the stomach was kicked the foot of the 6." Was hit woman told the police. The second day of the incident, Xu under pressure to surrender to the police, the other three perpetrators have been found by the police. The perpetrators did not realize the seriousness of the problem, until at the police station, the police after a few of the consequences of their talent, too late to regret, cried on the spot. Xu explained that his and her boyfriend living together for many years, but did not expect her boyfriend for another woman, and her boyfriend’s new girlfriend, vindictive, and went to the sisters to teach her a lesson. As a result, impulse, not only pit 6相关的主题文章: