The winter storm mirror mobile phone box regression layoffs noreply

Mobile phone box: winter storm mirror layoffs regression Li Ruina VR bonus time has not yet come, once occupied most of the domestic VR terminal market storm mirror, can not avoid the fate of layoffs. The day before the storm mirror CEO Huang Xiaojie issued a document pointed out that due to the operating pressure, the storm mirror recently did split and layoffs, the existing team will focus on the future of the software and hardware platform of the core, good helmet, core technology and entrance platform. Previously, micro-blog had to storm mirror official layoffs storm responded that the storm mirror is actively layout VR ecology, the personnel changes belong to the company’s normal business adjustment. "Chinese business daily" reporters immediately sent a letter to the storm group (300431.SZ, storm mirror company) the relevant person in charge, ask the storm mirror VR ecological layout will be completed, will adjust the direction of product development, as of press time, has not yet received the relevant replies. A storm mirror retrenchment, industry experts told reporters that the layoffs of the storm mirror is normal, because the VR business so far still did not achieve substantial profits, "the group is the biggest problem for this business is too optimistic, not to fight a protracted war preparations." Some analysts also said that the current storm mirror technology content is low, the VR products to the mobile phone box, and the hardware form in a large number of domestic brands, the homogenization of serious, and with consumers increasingly early adopters stage in the past, it is difficult to further expand the market. Layoffs highlights the risk of a bubble recently, the group that the storm will again cut its shares of the company, the storm mirror is almost cut, cut or the size of 40% to 50%. At the same time, according to media reports, has disclosed the storm mirror staff munezane floor of building 17 fast half empty." In the face of the storm mirror raise a Babel of criticism of layoff rumors, quickly responded. The micro-blog official said in a statement, "at present, the storm mirror is actively layout VR ecology, tourism, real estate, automobile, split UGC and other business sectors, intends to set up independent Ecos Corporation. The personnel changes are the company’s normal business adjustment." Then, in the group CFO Bi Shijun in the three quarter earnings release, the layoffs storm mirror response. He denied rumors of layoffs storm mirror more than half, said about 50 people really cut, accounting for about 10%, also related to the content of more than and 100 people was split into every newly established subsidiary in VR. This time, Huang Xiaojie himself in the mirror storm WeChat official public number wrote a voice, "to all concerned with the storm mirror friend" hope for the future of VR industry. For the storm mirror job cuts, Huang Xiaojie said, "the capital of winter is very cold, for we once more than 500 people in the team, there is great pressure on the operation, so we did some time ago to split and layoffs." The storm mirror team of about 300 people, according to Huang Xiaojie’s thoughts, will focus on the hardware platform of the core, the helmet, the core technology and the entrance platform to do better. In fact, the existing information shows that the storm mirror display, its development trend.相关的主题文章: