The White House said The Pentagon denied that the nuclear policy will upgrade the nuclear arsenal Ne haywire

The White House said The Pentagon denied that the nuclear policy will upgrade its nuclear arsenal – Sohu news [Global Times reported] "The Pentagon chiefs: no change in U.S. nuclear strike strategy plan, 28 Agence France-Presse as a theme that the United States Secretary of defense Carter said that The Pentagon has no intention of pursuing" no first use of nuclear weapons "policy. 27 in New Mexico, a nuclear research facility, Carter made this statement. He said, "for a long time, as friends and allies of the nuclear umbrella has been the national policy of the United States, which helps to curb conflict and war"; "preemptive strike" capability "in the past has been our policy, but also a part of our future plans". Reported that, although China and other countries have announced that not the first use of nuclear weapons policy, but the United States and its NATO allies insist that the right to retain pre emptive nuclear strike is a crucial tactical option. The United States military website reported that since entering the "nuclear era", U.S. deterrence doctrine has been in the fight against any enemy will suffer an overwhelming response, but the president of the United States has never ruled out the enemy attack before the first to launch a nuclear attack. Carter said on Tuesday that, despite the introduction of a new type of nuclear weapons, to retain the possibility of nuclear attack before the enemy launched an attack on the possibility of nuclear deterrence doctrine is still the basis of U.S. policy. But he also said that the future may also make deterrence theory "adjustments" to respond to new threats, "we can not always in the old way of doing things, we must consider who is deterrence and make corresponding adjustments to the object of action". In the state of New Mexico is Carter a week trip to visit the second station, a day earlier, he in North Dakota Minot AFB speech, The Pentagon announced the next five years will invest $108 billion to open intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarines and strategic bombers three a nuclear power upgrade process. The Associated Press said, this is Carter since February 2015 issued the first keynote speech became Defense Minister of nuclear weapons. In his speech, he implicitly rejected the idea of reducing the nuclear forces or cutting the cost of some people think that the cost of nuclear weapons upgrade plan. Stand in the B-52 strategic bombers, Carter said on Air Force pilots, maintain the U.S. nuclear arsenal strength is a key to ensure the deterrent power. Earlier, Carter visited a militia -3 intercontinental missile base, into the underground launch control center. The launch control center 365 days a year, there are soldiers on duty, according to the presidential order at any time to shoot for 30 minutes to hit the other side of the earth, the militia -3 intercontinental missile. "More, more, more!" the Russian satellite network 27, said Carter promised $108 billion to upgrade the U.S. nuclear arsenal, but $108 billion is only a start. In addition to upgrading the intercontinental ballistic missiles, the U.S. air force is also seeking to replace the 20 year old B-2 bomber has been put into use and the use of the B-52 bomber for 50 years. The US Navy’s nuclear submarine is about 35 years old, and it needs to be modernized. The U.S. budget and Strategic Assessment Center believes that by 2024, these upgrade costs are expected to exceed $348 billion. Reuters said the independent assessment that相关的主题文章: