The western world evokes the moral torture in the world of electronic

The "western world" evokes the electronic game in the world of moral torture hot U.S. "western world" (Westworld), has launched two episodes. In this drama, director and writer hope to discuss the threat of artificial intelligence with self consciousness of human beings; and humans is not what kind of good, they to "false" scenes and product, let your deepest darkest fantasy. In science fiction, (the development of science and Technology) "means to be human" what such questions have been It is often seen. and artificial intelligence with self-consciousness, or robot is more common role in this kind of work. The "western world" that appear in the drama of such elements is not surprising, but had a different, "western world" narrative is also based on some elements of reality is happening in the world — for example, human behavior in the virtual world. Of course, in real life, man probably couldn’t quickly invent like "Theron" in Battlestar Galactica (Cylon) mechanical "creatures" that they are unlikely to unite against the oppression of their human masters. However, if the torture of our own life, imagine this scenario: if we can look into a virtual world, and we can release the hearts of the dark thoughts without reservation, we will do. In fact, video games are such a situation. Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to express a "Datong electronic game violence against" nonsense: in the video game to kill a NPC is certainly not what things do people do not necessarily have the tendency of violence in real life. But the "western world" does provide us with a new perspective, and prompted us to think: we are only the virtual world of the "guests", we can hedeheneng because "the world is not real" and the abuse of their own in the game world power? As the drama shows, the experience of the human race in the western world does not allow you to learn anything from the world around you. In their own living room, open the Xbox to play video games with the theme park and a large robot in the game, there seems to be a big difference. But now the virtual reality technology is maturing, wear a helmet to personally experience the access of virtual space is no longer Arabian Nights. The electronic game in the world more and more real, more and more people to experience the "personally on the scene", in this case, we as human beings should show themselves in the "virtual reality" in the "virtual morality"? This narrative color in the current game industry more and more obvious. In the PS2 era "GTA 3", I was pulled out of a machine gun or bazooka, facing the street bomb things through such basic does not have doubts, if I do like this game, police will eventually kill me — it is just a matter of time. But many years later, "GTA 5" listed, my experience with "GTA 3" completely different. I’m still in the game.相关的主题文章: