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The village chicken encounter walking long table feast. Photo by Zhu Dequan Qiongzhong delicacy, as Joan beauty, everywhere, do not need to. It is to climb a mountain, a river trip, tired in the rest of the farmhouse to find some food to eat, did not expect the food delicious, but no less beautiful. Obviously, good water, good food, cooking a little, then has its own system of Qiongzhong dish. Lai Qiongzhong, you can’t eat chicken. The chicken or resting in the bushes, or flew all over the mountains and plains. The natural ecological environment, the meat quality and taste reflect firm and delicious, very charming taste chewing fun. It is said that, in addition to chopped white, cooking chicken from the Qiongzhong many places such as Guangdong educated youth, they bring authentic Cantonese cuisine, with local ingredients and cooking styles, created many characteristic delicacies in qiongzhong. Such as electric cooker chicken, fried chicken, Roast Chicken, Coconut Chicken, chicken, fried chicken and fish. Wan Ling electric cooker chicken is unable to hide greeds. Zhu Dequan photo "Qiongzhong Bay Ridge electric cooker chicken, when it came, the fairy also began to sit instability." Friends describe this delicacy, hotel hidden island in the Bay Ridge seamounts in the town of Qiongzhong hui. It is said that this is a more than twenty year history of the time-honored, diners to eat several site it proud. Several large kitchen cooker, lift the lid, a steaming heat with thick oil and garlic flavor Pumianerlai, heat dissipation, only to see the pot is baked with two yellow chicken. The store said that rice cooker chicken is not complicated, but it is very important to choose the ingredients. Must use the backyard of local chicken, must also be local Qiongzhong eat worms and rice, can fly the branches, "run quickly" chicken, chicken age must be October. In addition to garlic seasoning on peanut oil and salt, so to maximize the retention of the original color of the chicken, no distracting. Again let the delicate golden goose baked fried crispy garlic, penetrate into the skin inside, too wonderful for words. The protection of peanut oil, rice cooker itself with little fire, high temperature baked chicken oil processing, and automatic dialysis, until skin micro focus, but still fresh meat tight. The feast of the pheasant qiongzhong. Zhu Dequan photo if the Bay Ridge rice cooker chicken compared to a robust youth, then the big side of the river fried chicken is like a rebellious young girl. The sea Yuzhong line 126 kilometers at the edge of the river, a farm yard surrounded by green, beautiful wife and delicious delicacy is diners Qiongzhong characteristics, the "new edge river country flavor shop" first and most impressive. Fried wild pheasant, wild bamboo shoots, green stone Linyu and spring water wild herbs…… Every dish is the original ecological experience; fruits of the fig tree, bougainvillea bloom, a dog, a pastoral food rhyme here. And signs, is the main dish – fried chicken on the edge of the river. The whole chicken marinated into the pan fried until brown and crispy skin, succulent, still fresh water lock. This dish is only responsible for the teacher is in the store a dozen years, frying technique and heat has become a. After careful processing of fried chicken pot;相关的主题文章: