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Morandi, the lifelong unmarried men taught us what is the advanced aesthetic – Sohu of last century the famous Italy artist Morandi recently suddenly became popular in the network, the reason was because some time ago the invasion Chinese super typhoon "Meranti", two different homophonic words. However, different from the typhoon "Meranti" strong ability to destroy, the atmosphere is the painter Morandi swept the whole world, but the beauty is the feast, Morandi gray color palette Department recently — low saturation is more popular in the network, popular fashion circle. [unmarried monk painter, bottles of love in the painter] his full name is George, · Morandi, Italy famous painter, "monk" circle called him "the only draw a row of bottle painter". Unlike other artists of passion and indulgence, Morandi lonely life, life unmarried, has been accompanied by her mother and sister. As a "Indoorsman technology", he away from the hustle and bustle of life, living in the town of Grizzana in Poloni. He is like a recluse, rarely go out, usually love to paint in letter exceeds the street home in the summer with his family to the Gelichana mountain resort, the only time to travel abroad is to go to Zurich to watch the Cezanne exhibition. Therefore, most often under his pen is the home of the bottles and the sights of the town. Morandi has been living in a small town until his death. He worked here for 15 years in elementary school, and then taught at the Academy of Fine Arts for over 26 years. In order to commemorate the art master, the town in 1985 officially changed its name to Grizzana Morandi. At first glance, "his" and unlike other artists like that love life, passion, but some "abstinence" style, he is more like a hermit, hiding in the mountains of the peninsula. But it is precisely because he had too much volatility in the sentiment, has been calm and calm, only the achievements of his existing art style — simple and rustic, warm. Each of his works is gentle, natural, soothing and elegant, with a static and harmonious beauty. His color is named "his" color, that is what we are familiar with the "senior grey" or "frigidity" style. Micro-blog has recently been Shuabing is in the name of his color, also known as the world’s most comfortable color, what to use in the design have a superior texture. [form building painting style and his hometown of his style and] his own experiences. In his hometown of building color is pale, almost never left his hometown deep immersion in such environment, natural infection. The color of the grey system is the main part of his picture, showing a solemn and eternal image. He painted the bottles are filled with extremely simple, minimalist style. The background is not a simple flat painting but through the movement of the brush to create a space for movement, the curved contours of the object will give a sense of life, very infectious, can be called a real "poet painter". His decades as one day to watch his bottle, light color, different相关的主题文章: