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The United States special forces was traced after the withdrawal of his local armed abuse data in Syria: in May 25th, according to the letter for the U.S. special forces soldiers riding pickup road in the north of Syria Province, a village in la. Original title: U.S. soil Syria first collaboration of U.S. soldiers reviled his withdrawal of American The Pentagon 16 confirmed that the U.S. military has deployed dozens of special forces soldiers in the border area of northern Syria, to help Turkey to "identify" fight against extremist organization Islamic state armed opposition ". This is believed to be the first time the United States to send ground troops to cooperate with Turkey in Syria to fight against the Islamic state". However, a video display, in local did not seem to be welcomed, but after his withdrawal was insulted. The Pentagon explained that the two sides had some misunderstanding". "[Turkey]" The Pentagon spokesman Geoff · Davies said Turkey should request, the U.S. military has deployed some special forces soldiers to northern Syria, and where the armies of Turkey a "discrimination" armed opposition. Turkey last month, 24, crossed into the northern part of Syria, to carry out the code named "young hair shield" military action, trying to clear the Syrian border near the Islamic state militants and other terrorist organizations. At present, Turkey armed forces and support forces are between Syria and the border town of Gela Bo Ruth Tsvangirai act. According to the United States, the United States special forces mission is to expand the removal of the Turkey army to provide advice and assistance. "The Turkey – Syria border channel in the strategy of the" Islamic Republic "in Syria and Iraq is crucial," said Davies, "to the" Islamic state "cut this important border means cut the organization out of Iraq and Syria supply line, will further isolate the so-called ‘Islamic state’ capital la." Davies did not specify the specific number of soldiers deployed special forces, only to disclose the size of dozens of people, he did not say how long the operation will last. The Associated Press reported that this is the first American soldiers and soldiers of the Turkey side by side missions in the territory of Syria. [embarrassing video exposure] confirmed before the deployment of The Pentagon, a video widely circulated on the network, showing that the city of American soldiers were local armed abuse, embarrassing scene. This video shows the number of American soldiers into the Syrian border town of rye, "the local opposition armed Syria free army" members shouted in Arabic insults US soldiers, ask them to leave, otherwise will launch a campaign of violence against them. The video also shows that some military vehicles leaving the town. Located in the British capital of London "Syria Human Rights Watch said, obstructed by local armed soldiers left after Tsvangirai, but still remain in the territory of Syria. The Pentagon later acknowledged that the video content is true, but the attempt to dilute the U.S. suffered embarrassment, said the U.S. military and local armed forces have some "misunderstanding", the incident has been resolved, the deployment of U.S. operations smoothly, "no violence, no one was injured…… No reports of hostile activities." (Xu Chao)相关的主题文章: