The United States government is also shut down Over five days or see the outcome in Beijing-sexinse

The United States government is also shut down? Over five days or see the new network new network in September 26, the outcome – according to the American media reported on 26, the United States Congress to ensure that the United States government opened as usual, normal operation didn’t have much time. Federal spending authority expires at midnight on September 30th. So far, Democrats and Republicans have not agreed on an extension of the temporary funding, not to mention funding for the new fiscal year in October 1st. Reported that the Kentucky Republican Congress, Senate majority leader Mcconnell said, "we are in discussions with a temporary" continuing resolution, so we can make the government run until December 9th." Macoun Neil said, "we will meet again after the general election, the decision on how to finally solve the issue of funding for the next year." However, to fight for re-election in November, members of Congress are faced with a clear temptation, which is to end the work of Congress as soon as possible, go back to campaign. Republicans control both houses of Congress, they want to fight to keep the seats in Congress more than the Democratic party. The speaker of the house of Representatives Paul? Ruian (Wisconsin) said, "we have to finish our work." "We don’t want to waste time here." Democrats believe that even if the adoption of a short-term spending bill, Congress still has to do a lot of work to be done. Senator Schumer, from New York, said: "Republicans are like school kids begging for a school holiday." He said, Republicans would prefer to go out to vote, but also do not want to complete the task of public delivery." Congress’s open talk about the letter of credit has been agreed on how to control the. However, there are other thorny issues, such as the city’s polluted drinking water to provide maintenance funds. House Democratic Leader Nancy? Pelosi said, "this Congress is very irresponsible," we are here to serve the people, the Republicans ignore the needs of the people to be completely indifferent." But Republicans retort that Democrats are the cause of the legislative bill. They are using the program to block the allocation of funds to prevent the Senate from other bills. Ruian said, "the minority party with some available tools to bind our hands, this is their choice to deal with our method."相关的主题文章: