The U.S. China five Jinhua promotion miss Peng Shuai in the first round match Tour-ekdv-273

The U.S. China five Jinhua promotion miss Peng Shuai in the first round match tour according to Xinhua News Agency yesterday did not open upsets, big players have to qualify for the 3 day debut single Chinese "Jinhua" joy and sorrow, Wang Qiang and Zhang Shuai entered the second round, Peng Shuai that brought us "the first round of tour". Earlier count Duan Yingying, Zheng Saisai and Wang Yafan promotion, in the current US 6 Chinese singles players 5 advance to the second round. Wang Qiang Wang Qiang Zhang Shuai scraped rout from Russia defeated No. 23 seed Cassatt gold to 6 than 4, 2, 6 and 6 than 2 than. "This is the best game I’ve played in the past, and I’m fully prepared before the game," Wang Qiang said after the game. The first two sets of two people at 1 to 1. Third first two tug of war, the score is always the final stalemate, Wang Qiang serve double faults to break the opponent. At that time did not think too much, that is, insist on doing their own, in accordance with the plan before the implementation of the implementation of a more proactive." Wang Qiang immediately broken Cassatt Jin Na two serve, although Cassatt Jin Na in the fifth inning back broken, but Wang Qiang and break the continuous follow up a victory with hot pursuit, two. With Cassatt Jeanna backhand return line out, Wang Qiang with a total score of 2 to 1 win. Compared to Wang Qiang, Zhang Shuai won very easily, in the face of Peres from Australia, Zhang Shuai almost without resistance to two, 6 than 1 clear-cut battle. Full court Zhang Shuai completely suppressed opponents, a scoring rate of up to 82%. Break point 6 hold 5 of them, and unforced errors only once. Miss Peng Shuai stop Chinese Jinhua Peng Shuai points to 1 than 2 lost American players Leo F Yisi C, sorry to stop. "I too want to win this possibility, ability and speed are recovering from an injury, or feel worse," Peng Shuai said after the game, "although losing, but also got several times during the match, to establish confidence or help." Peng Shuai in the second set, 5 to 3 lead once in the ninth inning to get match point, but then the opponent stubbornly snatches seven to 9 than 11 lost. Third sets of physical strength can not keep up with the Peng Shuai lost control of the game, once to a ratio of 0 to 5 behind, eventually regret defeat. The women’s singles top seed Serena Williams two to 6 than 3 easily defeated Maarova in russia. No. 4 seed Poland days two to 6 A· Bystrica 1 win over American player Pigulla. No. 5 seed Halep 6 to 0 and 6 than 2 beat Belgium Foley gain victory with unstained swords & Keith second round of promotion.相关的主题文章: