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The typhoon "catfish" approaching the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian after landing in Guangdong or across the original title: the typhoon "catfish" approaching the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian after landing or new network across Guangdong in Guangzhou in September 24 (Xinhua Zhao Shen Yue shuixuan) according to the Guangdong provincial headquarters 24 news, typhoon "catfish" or 28 in Guangdong and Fujian coastal areas after the west across Guangdong, and a wide range of serious effects bring rain to Guangdong. According to monitoring, in September 24th 17, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" (strong tropical storm level) center is located in Taiwan Taitung City East about 1500 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, near the center of the largest wind 10 (28 m / sec), minimum central pressure of 98 thousand and 200 kpa. Guangdong headquarters will be the business that the typhoon "catfish" has fast movement, late strength strong, the moving path of uncertainty, and has the characteristics of autumn typhoon subtropical high, cold air influence etc.. "Catfish" landing anterior diameter and typhoon "Meranti" similar, will move to the 20 to 25 kilometers per hour to the north west direction, the strongest typhoon intensity level up (45 to 50 meters, 14 to 15), 27 will be landing or grazed in South Central Taiwan and tends to 28 am in the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong. On the afternoon in Shantou to Xiamen coastal areas. Expected, "catfish" after landing possible from east to west across Guangdong Province, and the effect of long duration, large range, the fallout will be typhoon and 2010 "than" similar. In addition, the beginning of 26, the ocean east of Taiwan, the Bashi Channel, Taiwan coast, northeast, South Guangdong and eastern coastal wind will gradually increase to 7 to 10, 11 to 12 parts of the sea level, the typhoon center near the sea wind 13 to 15, 16 to 17 level wind. 26 PM to 27 PM, the Bashi Channel will appear 6 to 10 meters high turbulent waves to the evening of 26 to 28 on the morning of the northeastern South China Sea (including Taiwan shoal, Dongsha Islands) from the east to the West will appear 3 to 6 meters high waves. At present, Guangdong province has issued a notice of defense headquarters, and forwarded the relevant defense organization work requirements, all localities and departments pay close attention to the "catfish" dynamic, to make preparations in advance. In addition, Guangdong province Fangzong requirements, all localities and departments should be based on the worst typhoon attacks from the east to the West and Guangdong will bring serious impact of wind and rain, from the disaster prevention to prevention and control of risk transformation, overcome lax ideas to implement defensive measures in advance, and do good typhoon and subsequent heavy rainfall defense work. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: