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The transfer of property to resist execution Laolai children too ashamed to fulfill the original title: Qingdao "Laolai" speak guilefully children too ashamed to fulfill the transfer of property court scene Qingdao Daily today is "double 11", in some people began to "Carnival" of online shopping, today morning four, Huangdao District Court for the implementation of the judges have begun operations, judges are divided into four groups to carry out a wide range of focus on the implementation of action. The action is mainly related to the livelihood of the people involved in the case, involving financial cases, cases involving letters and visits, after careful preparation, the selection of 40 cases for key breakthroughs. Through the action, on the 40 case of the 49 debtor to conduct inspections of control, arrest 25 people, detained 5 people, seized 2 vehicles, searched the corporate premises 1, completely rulings case 11, the case shall execute in place more than 67 yuan, enforcement of a settlement reached 14 cases, 34 case of execution million yuan. In the centralized implementation, a very interesting case, can be described as "Laolai" speak guilefully transfer of property, children too ashamed to actively fulfill 11 at five pm, the executive judge will be executor Moumou stuck in bed. Was brought back to the court of the Executive Board of the Moumou, bad attitude, shouting the name does not have any property, the court would then seize the detention formalities, not a waste of breath, a waste of time". Originally, the application executor Han Moumou the former Department of Huangdao a machinery processing enterprises in the case of the workers, is a major shareholder of the enterprise executive who Moumou department and served as the legal representative, the other shareholders of the company is Moumou wife guo. In April 13, 2013, Han Moumou injured at work, the left hand forefinger and middle finger defect, constitute nine disability, because of the lack of compensation, Han Moumou to Huangdao court employees compensation for victims of litigation, after Huangdao court and the Qingdao intermediate people’s Court of second instance being the final instance, finally ordered the mechanical processing enterprises compensation for the loss of 17 yuan of Han moumou. After the court decision, the company refused to perform, July 11, 2015, Han Moumou to the Huangdao court for compulsory execution, the execution of the court, Li Moumou and his wife will cancel the court, according to Han Moumou Moumou change according to the application for the case of the debtor and his wife. The court repeatedly urged the two person to perform their duties, Lee claimed that a finger only pay $ten thousand, and the rest of a child do not expect me to dig". The court found that Lee in the case of second instance process their own name for the three sets of real estate and a Highlander SUV has the transfer to the two daughters, the debtor has no property available for execution. The court scene is executed by the execution of police officers Moumou today brought to the court of the executive board, his wife immediately notified them to work in a bank’s daughter, Li Moumou daughter came to know all the facts of the case after the court "I never see light suddenly, suddenly understand why so good to me, the real estate, the vehicle will transfer to me. I didn’t think what a bad disease? It is in order to avoiding the embarrassment, really!" Moumou daughter was delivered 50 thousand yuan, and the Highlander SUV active to provide the court execution guarantees a written commitment in a month will fulfill all cases finished, if not winter相关的主题文章: