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The tower of Zen Buddhism Millennium margin song chrysanthemum fragrance – Sohu tourism has met, is the only unusual. Again, in the Song Dynasty tea garden. Three Gu, Qianzai Foyuan hui. Square, lotus yellow chrysanthemum. The Northern Song Dynasty temple twenty-four open treasure Temple of Fu Sheng Institute, was the origin of the tower of the tower was inspired. Now a Jiangnan scenery of autumn chrysanthemum Fu Sheng hospital has become the ideal place. Fu Sheng Institute of Bonsai Art Museum, chrysanthemum, ugly bonsai planting bud that anhydrous twigs wrinkled Taihu stone inserted with colorful abundance of chrysanthemum. Walk over, flowers, landscapes, ink on tea, enjoy the charm of the ancients. Cloudy day, natural light is shining into the room through the window is still slightly dim. Lanterns lit landing dry tire chrysanthemum like a blooming little sun. Although the chrysanthemum, but also have bamboo joints and loose cangjin. In the late autumn rain in cold weather, people have been wrapped in a coat, thin and petite chrysanthemum is at the beginning of spit verdancy, seems to be just the beginning. Together with a chrysanthemum and the eye to the yellow. Scattered people, from the swing bearing, wind reed catkins, the pond is full of late autumn bleak. Through the years, the pagoda, the abbot stood staring at the solution to the direction of the pilgrim wandering monk. Buddhist life, chrysanthemum tea garden. The golden yellow chrysanthemum such as Buddha shine, lead people into the world of buddha. As "Amitabha" in the words: "one. This land, there are eight virtues Qibao pool, water, filled with the bottom of the pool, with pure Jinsha cloth." Of course, in the "Jinsha" not a secular world of material wealth, but that was all compassionate light. Bodhisattva and Lakshmi as Buddha’s messenger in style chongyanxieshan led house to meet a good man or a good woman. Worship hall is a song and Jin Dynasty copper Jieyin Buddha, 5 meters high and weighs 12 tons. Amitabha was solemn, Yi Wen Jin Xiu, precision casting. From the Wei and Jin Dynasties to the flourishing Tang Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty Fu, from Dunhuang to Xi’an and then to Mogao Grottoes Pagoda in front of the seat opening tower, the wisdom of Buddha through time, along the Silk Road Tuoling sound to. Since ancient times, many monks for preaching and law from the silk road. With a firm belief they had on the silk road is the first cultural messenger. Even if only for the Buddha pilgrimage around the trials of a long journey, and. Namaste, pro tower stands, a tired body for Wuyuwuqiu pure comfortable heart. Follow the pilgrims enter the low GUI type arch doorway. The body color is more than smooth glazed brick, appear yellow or brown or green or fused "iron color". Entrance face and light colored statues on both sides of each layer of the window with its origin. Hongwu twenty-nine years, the fifth son of Zhu Yuanzhang king of Zhou’s temple in the tower above life?. in this 48 statues, prayer "Siddhartha idealism pure beings". In the dim light, along the narrow steep stairs lined up on the stage. Each foot on a layer, will usher in a high view after the click into place. The window with "three icon namo Amitabha" is weatherworn face!相关的主题文章: