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The top 10 week drama review "really" first name "Tian wan to really" stills "Tian pill to sell the house woman" last week (August 29th to September 4th) from the river play "really" back to the top of Tian Wan, last week’s episode tells the history of the classic story of "the dog really Tian Fu farewell, the plot and the actors are getting high marks. In addition to other drama starring Keiko Kitagawa "the woman" to sell the house, almost all results in the single digits, 9 series for three consecutive weeks to update their worst ratings. Sakaimasa Hito starred in the drama of the river, "Tian Tian pill" aired last week, the thirty-fifth set of dog volts, the ratings increased by 1.8% compared to the previous episode. As the title, this episode describes historical events "inubushi parting" related stories, Japan is likely to set off the war, it will follow for Tian Toyotomi or Tokchon, Masayuki, Nobuyuki and signal propagation are different opinions. This is Sakaimasa Hito’s protagonist Mada Nobushige and O Izumiyo’s brother Nobuyuki, Sogari Jungxiong’s father Chang Xingsan cooperation in the play the last time. O Izumiyo’s acting was impressive, and the three of them acted very well, and the audience liked the actor well. Keiko Kitagawa starred in the Japanese drama series, the woman selling the house last week aired eighth episodes, the ratings of 10.8%, the continuous three in the number of two in the number of Zhou Baochi. This episode, Yashiro’s ex-wife RIE suddenly to his place of work, she decided to divorce second times, please generation house to sell the house, and saw them, that they want to composite. The court found her wild love magic and Yashiro kiss, the mood is very random. Singer and actor Terao So starred in the TBS drama "admire your noble" broadcast last week, the countdown to second episodes, ratings of 10.6%. In "song of love" the real sword "second window" Mary, starring Murakami Koro, and Asahi Taiwan "Kamen Rider gaimu," starring with Yeyue actor bad students played a lot of extra points for series. Seventh concentration, the national music competition regional qualifiers start, the protagonist led the music department to get the first pass, but the protagonist was found to be the best cancer metastasis surgery. Matsushita Yuki starred in the TBS drama theater two hours "crime Museum feise sub series" was launched last week, the first bomb called "red Museum", 8.6% ratings. The name in red museum is saved over aging case investigation and evidence of the Department, the protagonist was feise is curator of the museum, mountain Seiichiro story adapted from the novel of the same name, tells the police investigation Museum unresolved past events in the story. The drama starring Tsuda Hiroji and Yamazaki Yuta, etc., with guest stars Iida Kiwoo, Kayashima Narumi, GUI Bao Tian and Fujita Tomoko etc.. Boliu starring "ON abnormal crime search official tengtang" also aired last week than nion second last set of ratings of 8.5%, the concentration of the master ratio has great influence on the female permanent nion appearance, East Hailin also kidnapped to choose from than nion must. Will broadcast this week in the final to even the original author shouted, although the story is fictional, but there are also many associated with modern society, for the formation of human, too.相关的主题文章: