The threat of a knife chased Hu soup shop owner jailed for 1 years in Zhengzhou first case-ddrtys

The threat of a knife chased Hu soup shop owner jailed for 1 years, is Zhengzhou’s first trial – reporter Song Wen Xiao Ning Road Porto the morning of November 11th, with the judge gavel sounded, Zhengzhou 27 District Court held a public hearing of the Hu soup shop owner Chen knife threat law enforcement officers in one case, and the court verdict. Court of First Instance sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for the crime of obstructing public service. Reporters learned from the relevant departments, the case is the first case of Zhengzhou City, due to obstruction of the implementation of public administration was sentenced to the case. The case back in April 19th about 9:30 in the morning, in the Northeast intersection of 27 districts of Zhengzhou City Hanjiang River Road and Songshan road corner of the Hu soup shop, the shop owner Chen refused to be placed on the sidewalk tables and chairs and advertisements were recovered, district city management and administrative law enforcement bureau of the 27 law enforcement officers Wang led law enforcement personnel to clean up. In the courtroom, the video evidence taken by the law enforcement team to restore the situation at the time. Law enforcement personnel to clean up the lane and articles, a head, body fat man Dianzhe a knife rushed out from the store, the man is chen. He shouted into the law enforcement officers shouting, Wang came to stop, by Chen pointed nose abuse, and will put on the neck knife threat. In the whole process, Chen condemning constantly, doing humiliating words. Court as a snack shop owner, Chen how would have such a radical reaction? The reporter learned that, also because of illegal lane, in April 8th, law enforcement personnel to clean advertisements, Chen and Wang had erupted over the conflict, Chen claimed afterwards and Wang reached a settlement. In February last year, Chen also had to do business, residential street walls to open a gap of about two meters, by the police to destroy the street culture wall grounds detained for 7 days. After the incident in April 19th, when the city was abusive abusive video online heat transfer. Chen is not in the original place to open a soup shop, but to Zhongmu state logistics started a fruit business. In May 20th, the local police arrested him through online pursuit of information. In the trial, both sides have accused Chen of whether there is a threat of law enforcement personnel, law enforcement, law enforcement officers are related to the testimony of witnesses is valid and the focus of controversy debate. In the final stage of the statement, Chen said: "I’m just a bottom to do business, do not know, because the impulse caused by the adverse effects, I apologize to the parties at the same time, I hope that the court give a fair verdict." After a full consideration of the collegial panel, the case of bad social influence, the defendant truthfully confessed and was a first offender, a trial to obstruction of official sentenced to 1 years imprisonment chen. After hearing the sound of the end of the interview, the reporter interviewed the parties wang. He is a veteran of 27 years old pipe, the results of the trial, Wang admitted that the mood is very complex. Mention of the reaction was heard at the time, he said at the time as soon as possible to end this trouble, because there are a lot of checks to be carried out". "But there is legal protection, law enforcement in the US in the future will be more emboldened." He said that to reduce misunderstanding between the masses and law enforcement officers, on the one hand, law enforcement officers need to be more civilized law enforcement, on the other hand, also need to vigorously promote laws and regulations. Day of the trial, Zhengzhou city management administrative law enforcement相关的主题文章: