The thief stole Hefei Samsung Note7 haven’t stolen goods to spontaneous combustion-ssport

The thief stole Hefei Samsung Note7 haven’t stolen goods to spontaneous combustion according to the Anhui Daily reported shortly before a man in Hefei Internet cafes in the mobile phone was stolen, reporters yesterday from the Hefei Yaohai Procuratorate, the thief has been arrested, but after the arrest also very wronged, because the stolen mobile phone Samsung have not had time to sell, you sense of spontaneous combustion in his home. It is understood that the suspect Jin was 19 years old in a year at the end of September, home from Huainan to Hefei to work, but has not found work. The morning of October 9th, Kan was sleeping, suddenly a fellow left to find him, call themselves in Internet cafes, see someone asleep, mobile phone is on the table, one may be interested in "Jin asked". There is no source of income of the Jin a move the heart, go to the Internet, while the victim is asleep on the occasion, will steal the desk in a Samsung Note7 mobile phone, and hid in a left Lake Community home. The victim found mobile phone does not see the alarm immediately through the Internet surveillance video, the police locked a jin. After a period of time Mopai, police arrested him. However, surprisingly, Kan also looked very wronged: the original mobile phone stolen less than two days, have not had time to take out money, at home inexplicable spontaneous combustion, "October 14th began to recall, if a few days later, the mobile phone owner may not back. I stole it." According to Jin’s confession, the police found the wreckage in the mobile phone after the spontaneous roof of the building, for his theft confessed to the facts of a jin. The case is still under further investigation.

合肥小偷偷得三星Note7 还没销赃先自燃   据安徽商报报道 前不久合肥一男子在网吧上网时手机被偷,昨日记者从合肥瑶海检察院获悉,小偷已被抓获,但其落网后也很“委屈”,因为偷来的三星手机还没来得及卖出去,就在他家里莫名自燃了。   据了解,嫌疑人靳某今年才19岁,9月底从淮南老家来合肥打工,却一直没有找到工作。 10月9日上午,靳某正在睡觉,突然老乡左某找到他,称自己在网吧上网时,看到旁边有人睡着了,手机就放在桌子上,问靳某“可有兴趣”。   没有收入来源的靳某就动了心,前往该网吧,趁受害人睡熟之际,将其放在桌子上的一部三星Note7手机偷走,并躲到左某位于临湖社区的家中。受害人发现手机不见随即报警,通过网吧监控视频,警方锁定了靳某。   经过一段时间摸排,警方将其抓获。然而让人意外的是,靳某也显得很“委屈”:原来手机偷来不到两天,还没来得及拿出去卖钱,就在家里莫名自燃了,“10月14日就开始召回了,要是再迟个几天,机主把手机送回去,可能就没我偷窃这事了。”   根据靳某的供述,警方在该住宅楼楼顶找到了手机自燃后的残骸,对于自己的盗窃事实靳某供认不讳。此案仍在进一步调查处理之中。相关的主题文章: