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The test of modern Beijing acceptable in addition to means you can get more [Abstract] Beijing modern Verna brand new models – accept the upcoming October 18th officially listed, we are fortunate to advance into contact with this new model, it also completely subvert my "travel trolley" inherent impression. The test of modern Beijing acceptable in addition to means you can get more of the 2016 Chengdu auto show Beijing modern joint venture now accepted the three car compact car in the market space is crazy on compression, has its own are constantly under price, and a number of comprehensive quality comparable to a joint venture model independent brand new Imperial GL, such as Chery Yi Ruize 7 compact car rise. Of course, we can’t forget the hot SUV in a complete mess. At present, the new SUV said the new is almost independent of the rhythm of the paragraph, they are cheap, looks not ugly, the configuration is also very good, which further shaken the non joint venture brands do not buy the determination. Test drive information drive time: September 2016 drive location: Yantai drive weather: Sunny drive mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry): 30 km by Pei Pei Lei Lei photo: Listing Date: October 18th vehicles: Beijing modern vehicle information: Beijing modern accepted 1.4L automatic flagship TOP engine: 1.4L K: front wheel drive form drive the maximum power (kW): 73.3 maximum torque (N· m): 132.4 long high width (mm): 438017281430 (mm): 2600 wheelbase gearbox: 6 speed tiptronic suspension: Front: Mcpherson independent: non independent torsion beam advantage: fashion design, interior texture close to the handsome get moving, intelligent configuration rich, ample space, smooth power output, excellent noise suppression: lack of hard seat, copilot glove box without damping, a back drop out The air current is mainly in Japan and South Korea, car prices still continue to operate three car compact car business, including our familiar Vios (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), city (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Gerui sun (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Rena (ginseng, pictures, and inquiry) K2. The public is already stop POLO (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) three car production, which shows they are not optimistic about the business for. Even if the product is still being introduced to replace the Japanese and Korean products, they can do is to further reduce the value of their own brands with the same level of competition. Just listed the new Vios price of less than 70 thousand, and the terminal preferential sunshine, K2 and other models on the market is down nearly 20 thousand, but the starting price of 60 thousand. From the current sales situation, the price did not save their performance. The reason for these low-cost small cars very stingy for joint venture brands in the configuration, the ESP security configuration of this kind will not say, even some entry-level models even a radio not to use these cost savings for a low price, hope through a joint venture status for sales? It was a dream. Consumers in the most budget 100 thousand yuan are buying their first car, somehow all is with from the car to the beautiful vision of the car, he.相关的主题文章: