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The telecommunications network fraud according to the detective fast complaints – Politics – original title: telecommunications network fraud must be in accordance with the original title: the detective fast complaints of telecommunications network fraud according to detective fast complaints according to prosecutors Xinhua news agency in Nanchang on 13 October, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Cao Jianming long days before and part of the National People’s Congress in Jiangxi deputies and CPPCC meeting, the representatives of the members reflect the telecommunications network fraud, strong Cao Jianming said that the procuratorial organs at all levels to strengthen the close cooperation with the police, courts, telecommunications, banking and other departments, to this kind of crime, in accordance with the conditions of the law, must detective fast complaints on major telecommunications network; fraud cases, certain organizations capable forces to focus on handling, always maintain a high pressure situation crackdown. Cao Jianming said, to crack down on disclosure or illegal access to personal information of citizens, the crime of destruction of public telecommunications facilities, destruction of computer information systems of telecommunications fraud crimes to cut off the "black industry chain of telecommunications network fraud from the source". To improve the rapid response mechanism of major sensitive cases, early intervention in major criminal cases investigation, guidance forensics. To improve the public security organ and the court informed the case, consultation, designation of jurisdiction and difficult cases to listen to the opinions and suggestions of procuratorial organs according to law mechanism, formation of combat forces. Have a significant impact on the area of the superior procuratorate to supervise the handling of the case.   (commissioning editor: Gong instrument (Intern), Ceng Wei)相关的主题文章: