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The "Taiwan independence" gangster "blockade China" was publicly threatened to face the original title: "independence big brother threatened to blockade China" Feng Shikuan: don’t believe him [] according to the Global Times reported "Independence Day" before the chiefs Gu Kuanmin threatened to blockade Taiwan China "," defense minister "Feng Shikuan November 2nd public face. According to the Taiwan news network reported that Gu Kuanmin recently asked by the media "if the intention make Taiwan what to do," replied "I welcome", and that "China dare to beat Taiwan?…… China is the lifeline of the coast, if blocked, how to raise 1 billion 300 million people?" 2, the KMT legislator Lai Shibao asked defense minister Feng Shikuan Gu Kuanmin said, "there is no reason? Do we have the ability to block China’s coastal areas?" Feng Shikuan replied, "please don’t listen to him." Lai Shibao then asked whether this represents is not correct, "Feng Shikuan first said vaguely," this is a strategic problem, not suitable for this openly ", but in the end is pressed again, said" this is not the correct information, he is not your friend, you don’t believe him". The strategy of Taiwan honorary chairman of the society of Wang Kunyi wrote previously criticised by his age to have experienced two world wars, have seen destruction caused by the war, not the irresponsible "welcome war", and the mainland’s military development, enough to move a silent war, let the United States and Japan even if want to rescue Taiwan, may have no time to start. He said that Kohiro Min advocated Wu independence can be described as the most dangerous signal, no doubt to the people of Taiwan to the dangerous whirlpool. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: