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The sun Chinese Wennan Institute was established: the continuation of Mr. Zhongshan spirit and Philosophy – Beijing China Taiwan network November 13th news according to the Taiwan Times reported that November 12th is the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, China Kuomintang party in Kaohsiung on the 12 day the establishment of Sun School of Southern School of literature. Sun Wen, President of the school, said Professor Cai Yingwen, 520, after accepting the office does not accept the "consensus of the 92", if not accepted, the future of the two sides of the how to do the work of the. The establishment of the sun school is the hope that all members of the call to join Mr. Sun Zhongshan joined together to fight for Taiwan. Over the past 8 years of the election, the KMT won the election has been discussed, sun school hopes to develop a thoughtful, organized, capable of discussing the young people. Mr. Sun Zhongshan was not only a revolutionary uprising funding, passion and "three principles of the people" concept, the school will continue in Zhongshan Mr Sun Wen hopes the spirit and philosophy, for the youth of the Taiwan service output. President sun Wennan Institute said Professor Wang Mingsheng, Sun Wen school currently set up 6 branch, North Hospital (north north Yi), bamboo Institute (Taoyuan Hsinchu Miaoli), intermediate (Changhua Nantou), Scarlett Institute (Yun Jianan), South Hospital (Penghu Pingtung horse), East (East). Wang Dean believes that only 30 years ago, Hong Xiuzhu, chairman of the KMT to clear the direction, but also predicted the next one or two years is difficult to start. Hope the sun Wennan Institute was established, can let everybody with force starting from Kaohsiung, from the beginning of city development. Sun Wennan Institute to cultivate talent, in addition to interest in the election, but would like to develop interest in trade with Kaohsiung, down to earth person. Carry forward the consciousness and values of Kaohsiung, raise one’s head, stand up and go out. Chinese KMT Deputy Secretary General Lin Guozheng said, Wang long term thinking of Kaohsiung how to change the status quo in terms of cross-strait exchanges, hope that the development of real economy value, with the help of cross-strait platform strength, let Kaohsiung people live better; by cross-strait cooperation, help Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan to find a way. The Taiwan Development Research Institute Chinese Dean Lin Zhongshan said that at present the arrival of more than 3 months, the KMT lost to the "green" in Kaohsiung, is hard enough, no gas, must be a sincere reflection, find the "three people’s principles" and Chinese de KMT party spirit. (China Taiwan net Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: