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Peach 2 client download in guess novice card booking | spokesperson area consists of 360 peach 2 Game exclusive agent operations of large round giant "peach 2" will open in September 14th light beta does not delete files, the client is currently popular download, super welfare prizes available! Small partners in the official website to download the game yo! In addition, "peach 2" since the announcement will have a mysterious endorsement actress, is quickly attracted attention and discussion of all the users, Angelababy, Liu Shishi, Victoria Song, Zheng Shuang and other popular actress has become netizens guess. [Taoyuan] is the ultimate universal goddess lifted a storm blowing high Yan round masterpiece how can not have a beautiful voice? In order to meet the "peach 2" game player of yen value pursuit, this time, "peach 2" will usher in a mysterious voice super popular, she is who? Brain hole wide open "peach 2" game player who has expressed their speculation and anticipation. Victoria Song Victoria Song, by virtue of their versatile has their own piece of heaven and earth in the entertainment business, the amazing characters Victoria Song made a harvest of all the fans of the heart, become a new generation of young idol! Today coincides with the 7 anniversary of her debut, naturally become the "peach 2" game player are the highest voice spokesperson, will she is "peach 2" spokesperson? Angelababy Angelababy is a distinctive personality and cheerful personality to win a lot of fans for her costume image baby is full of fairies, perhaps also a "yellow leader as" peach 2 male role! Liu Shishi accompanied by a "startling step by step" broadcast, Liu Shishi costume image was deeply branded in the majority of the audience’s heart. The characteristics of good manners and temperament of the poem to Liu Shishi became the new generation actress clear winner. Is Liu Shishi the goddess of Taoyuan in your heart? [private custom build your own game] about the same occupation closecall? It is difficult to distinguish between similar shapes? Apart from those legalistic routines, "peach 2" to bring you out of the ordinary new gaming experience! In order to provide a unique creative space game player, "peach 2" by the hundreds of kinds of exquisite dyeing, avatar, warm dream home private exclusive custom and many other gameplay systems, to meet the vast majority of the game player Yan value demand, we quickly download experience! "Peach 2" Peach Girl draft light round the release of your beauty [energy] fighting as a light free turn based online games, "peach 2" with its rich gameplay and adorable new character set, opened a battle to open up a fresh outlook! In the twelve Star Palace game play, game player team challenge can get bonus items, if the game player challenges to that corresponding to their birthday this life sign can also get additional rewards as a birthday gift! This intimate settings, so that players can not only experience in the game is not the same blood PK, but also reflects the 3.相关的主题文章: