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"The sparrow" on   Li Yifeng Dongyu Zhou forbear love for nation — entertainment channel — "sparrow" is a tribute to faith in the name of love! Today, the film side release heroine character relationship trailers, describing the chaos state in the heart, a love forbear weeping. Romantic, pure and kind, played by Dongyu Zhou Xu Bicheng, who is played by Li Yifeng Chen deep in the training class to teach students, and he had a good teachers and students love, but because the task in the body is to separate, regret. The first two shy smile, eyebrows, Shenqingxiangyong days, even personally cut a wisp of hair shining, filled with happiness. In the age of turbulence can be broken, for faith and responsibility, be only into parting. They have met again, belong to different camps, we cannot recognize the special mission, they will only love deep. Hidden in the struggle and transformation, doomed to dangerous battle in wolfschanze. In order to meet the dawn of victory, the line of life and death together no regrets, but love is more abuse more tangled threatened by growing crises. The ups and downs of the feelings of the line and national interests closely intertwined, the end of love also follow the ups and downs of the turbulent years with a big question mark, the final two people can actually work together or because of the flow of the time discrete again? A thousand film, Huan Rui century, beautiful film, Solbar Group Co produced the Spy Drama "sparrow" will be held in September 5th in Hunan satellite TV broadcasting crisis. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: